68 percent of consumers are willing to spend more money on brands that are known to offer excellent customer service. It’s clear the quality of customer service can make or break your business.

Is your business putting its best forward when it comes to customer service delivery? If you’re anything like the average small business, you’re likely struggling to offer better customer service. Perhaps you have tried to make a couple of improvements but nothing seems to be changing.

We’re here to help you.

Read on for high-impact changes you can make to enhance customer service.

1. Give Your Website a Refresh

Social customer service a competitive battleground (infographic)

When was the last time you updated your website’s design?

Chances are it hasn’t seen any major refreshes since it was launched. Sure, it might be working just fine, but there are several benefits you could be losing out on.

Updating a website’s design not only makes it more visually appealing but also gives you the chance to introduce changes that can help improve user experience and, consequently, customer service. For example, improving your site’s navigation and adding chatbots can improve your customers’ online shopping experience.

A design update will also make your website more responsive, ensuring customers can access it from any kind of device.

2. Upgrade Your CRM

CRM Solutions Play A Pivotal Role In Driving Sales

A customer relationship management system is a key tool for businesses that put the customer first. CRM software collects and analyzes lots of data, which you can then use to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

There are several CRM systems on the market, and they aren’t created equal. Some are more powerful and better suited to your business than others. And as your business expands, so do its CRM system needs.

If you’ve been using Infor Saleslogix since you started your company, for instance, you might want to stick with it since it meets your current needs. However, it has its limitations. As you experience more business growth, it becomes necessary to upgrade your CRM to a more powerful system.

3. Train Your Staff

Train Your Staff

Customer interactions with your employees, whether physical or online, go a long way in shaping their experience with your brand. Are your customer-facing workers playing their part in enhancing customer service or they aren’t doing your business any favors?

If you’ve never trained them since they were hired, they probably aren’t in a position to offer excellent service. Regular training enables your sales reps and other customer-facing employees to improve their professional knowledge and skills. This way, they’ll be able to offer top service delivery in a world where consumer preferences are constantly changing.

Make Big Changes to Offer Better Customer Service

It’s a competitive marketplace. Businesses are always finding unique ways to stay ahead of the competition. Offering better customer service is one way to gain a competitive advantage.

Make these changes and you’ll see a big improvement in the quality of customer service.

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