Creating and employing marketing strategies can be challenging for those who lead trucking companies. In some cases, business is simply, “That’s the way it’s always been done.” Truthfully, driving traffic to one’s trucking company is not a matter of conforming to what used to work; it’s driving organic growth and sparking interest in marketing your trucking company’s message of capability, consistency, and continuity. It’s time to increase your traffic.

Examine the Status Quo

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Many trucking companies rely on a “job board” or “load board” to inform new business, waiting for one-time hauls that come from clients, who then hire a trucker for that load. The board is offered to competing trucking companies, who bid on the haul, complete it, and go back to the board for the next haul. This requires little to no marketing effort; however, the process drives the pricing model, which is difficult to change once initiated.

Consider Current Marketing Strategies

The first item that will need attention in building new marketing messages is the examination of your current marketing strategies. Note the following questions:

  • Does the trucking company have an active website?
  • Does the trucking company create social media posts?
  • Does the trucking company announce availability, improvements, or other news?
  • In what ways does the trucking company approach potential clients?
  • Is the trucking company representing at trade shows or association events?
  • How do you, as the owner, interact with competitors and potential clients? Email, phone, text, letters, postcards, or carrier pigeon?

If you are shaking your head as you read through the above list (especially if you are using carrier pigeons to deliver marketing messages), this IS the time to increase traffic to your company. There are multiple avenues to drive traffic to your door: decide which of the following marketing strategies you’ll want to employ. Hopefully, all of them will be on your list:

Capture Attention

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The first phase of new marketing strategies will be to list initiatives to capture the attention of current clients. Do so in the following ways:

Email a personal “thank you for your business” note with every delivery. A customer who recognizes your interest and gratitude is much more likely to create a larger, relevant relationship with your trucking company. (Sending a handwritten thank-you note to your client for the largest and most profitable hauls would also be a memorable form of capturing attention.)

Stand in the way. Literally. If attending an industry gathering, position yourself to spatially intersect with your clients. We’re not recommending creating an obstacle; rather, an opportunity for a brief conversation. Craft an opening remark before greeting the client and be respectful of the agenda of your client. They may not have time or interest at the moment you create.

Surprise your clients. Send small, significant gifts for no reason. Use artisan homemade goods or food items to create unique reminders of your trucking company.

Create Unique Marketing Strategies

After capturing the attention of current and potential customers and lifting your industrial marketing strategy beyond “the boards,” it’s time to employ unique marketing efforts with measurable outcomes. If you do not have a structured business plan in place to support your marketing goals, use this starting a trucking company business plan.

Fleet of trucks

First, if the website is fairly static, acting as a placeholder for your trucking company, revive and bring it to a premium place of interactivity. Use both a software developer and designer, if needed, to breathe new life into the website. Include a full description of hauling services and amenities; more importantly, include video reels of clients offering brief testimonials. Use seamless links to engage users with click-through buttons offering, “Check Status” and “Contact Us.” Use connective methods to engage with your audience to attract an increasing pipeline of current and potential customers.

Second, include a “Trucker’s Blog” on your website that will establish your trucking expertise. Invite clients to add notes to be posted on your blog. Post blog notes frequently to announce new services, indicate innovations in the industry, and discuss trucking industry issues of the day.

Third, use your position as the owner to engage with and influence others in the trucking industry. Join trade associations and become active as a leader; attending trade shows isn’t enough to build identity in the industry. Consider becoming a sponsor for some of the trade associations that your clients belong to. Follow their industry reports and engage with them regarding their current events.

Finally, use personalized “merch” to create camaraderie with clients and potential clients. Caps with humorous phrases or designs are most appreciated, while your logo on shirts, sports bags, and other items will be used and notably recognized. This is not a unique concept; however, it is highly recognizable and worthy of mention.

Employ unique strategies to build the outbound marketing strategy for b2b of your trucking company. Each of the ideas listed will drive traffic to your website, increase awareness of your company, and bring new clients to your door. We wish you success!

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