Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Undoubtedly, many students aspire to be IT professionals.

With numerous and diverse subfields, students can get confused and feel lost.

Many students make the mistake of choosing a career that they know nothing about or have no interest in. A good number of them end up being unemployed or changing careers.

Let us take a look at the top mistakes!

Not Learning Important Technical Skills

IT Students

There are some important technical skills that every IT student should know. These skills will help boost your resume and increase your job opportunities.

Some of these include,

  • Cloud Computing – Cloud computing is in high demand and is also one of the highest-paid fields in IT. Experts in cloud computing are also well-versed in other important IT skills which makes them a target for job recruiters.
  • Cybersecurity – Many IT students fail to develop their skills in cybersecurity even though it is an important field. IT companies are always on the lookout for cybersecurity professionals.
  • Project Management – Very often, students don’t pay attention to developing their project management skills. These skills play an important role in the success and failure of projects.

Not Picking The Right Specializations

Many students pick random courses without thinking about their career requirements or the skills they need to improve.

When picking a specialization make sure it is helpful for your future career. It should enhance the skills you already have and equip you with new ones. For instance, you should be clear about whether you want to specialize in hardware or software development.

The right course will teach you skills that are relevant to the IT industry.

Not Working On Projects

Having practical skills is more important than you think.

Working on actual projects will help build your knowledge and experience, and improve your chances of getting hired.

For example, IT students can try projects like developing an Android application, creating an E-learning platform, or setting up a home cloud.

IT Students

When you go for job interviews, recruiters will ask about your projects. Employers prefer IT students who demonstrate some kind of practical knowledge in their field of interest.

Make sure your side projects don’t come in the way of your academics. Having a proper schedule in place will make sure it doesn’t.

You can consider getting extra help with your academics if you want more time to focus on your projects.

For example, a fast essay writing service will help you finish all the essays you need to submit for your assignments.

Not Looking for A Mentor

Many IT students think they don’t need a mentor.

In reality, having a mentor can help you in many ways including figuring out your career options.

It is natural for IT students to get lost and confused considering how vast and diverse the field is. A mentor will guide you and help you with IT projects and securing internships.

Make sure you choose your mentor wisely since they will make your journey a whole lot easier.

Not Working On Internships

Many IT students think of getting an internship only after they graduate college.

However, starting an internship at the earliest can give you the necessary skills, knowledge, and industry experience to get you started on your first job in the IT field.

IT Students

You will have a better chance of landing your desired job. Recruiters will prefer you since you’ll require less training and possess some amount of practical knowledge.

While looking through internships, sort out the ones which are relevant to your desired career field.


If you are considering a career in IT, make sure you do thorough research about the field.

Find out your strengths and weaknesses and figure out which field is best suited for your skillset.

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