It is no secret that information technology is a growing field. And so many IT jobs are open now. Technology has never been more important to businesses or consumers than it is right now, and as so many organizations embark on digital transformations in pursuit of the digital maturity that drives consumer engagement, companies will need unprecedented levels of support from IT professionals. Presently, there is a high demand for skilled IT workers of any type — but if you are eager to launch yourself into a lucrative career that will last a lifetime, you might consider committing to one of the following high-growth paths:

Most Demandable IT Jobs

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Computer Support

In the third decade of the 21st century, you might be surprised to learn how many professionals still struggle with digital technology. Computer support specialists provide valuable assistance with technology in the workplace, helping troubleshoot system and user errors that can interfere with productivity. This role is perfect for beginning a career in IT, as you may already have the baseline knowledge and skill with digital technology required to provide workplace support. The median pay for computer support specialists is about $58,000, and certificates earned through information technology courses can make certain positions more attainable.

Software Development

Digital hardware is all but useless without software solutions to make them operable. Organizations around the world rely on software developers to create new software programs and applications and maintain existing software as devices and networks grow and change. Those with master’s degrees in software development or related fields will continue to experience above average career advancement opportunities throughout the decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that the software engineering field will grow by 25 percent by 2030. Many software developers work at development firms, though some can find employment directly within the IT jobs departments of large corporations. The median salary for a software developer is around $110,000, but pay is highly dependent on experience in industry.

Systems Administration

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Most organizations rely on highly complex digital systems, and those systems continue to function thanks to the diligence of systems administrators. Systems administrators are IT professionals who navigate the day-to-day tasks of systems maintenance, which may include installing new hardware and software and reconfiguring existing hardware and software for superior operation. Because this role requires intricate knowledge of digital systems, you may need to pursue advanced education in this field before you secure a position. The median salary for systems administrators is about $77,000.

Cloud Engineering

No longer an emerging technology, the cloud is a networking tool in use by over 94 percent of American companies. Unfortunately, not every organization understands how to manage this valuable digital service. Cloud engineers can help business leaders develop better strategies for harnessing the power of the cloud. Because this field is highly specialized, some of the most experienced and highly credentialed professionals in IT will find themselves in cloud engineering roles. You might expect to look for work at major cloud organizations like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft and earn a median salary of over $126,000.

Database Development

More and more organizations are investing in big data in the hopes of gaining valuable insights into their processes, markets, consumers and more. Yet, a business cannot merely collect data; it must store that data before running it through algorithms and models. Thus, organizations need database developers, who help create and manage the servers and systems necessary to keep data serviceable into the future. Often, these IT professionals have some education or experience in data science, so you may need to pursue online courses in data analytics. For your knowledge and skill, you can earn a median salary of about $81,000, and IT jobs will not be difficult to find considering the growth rate of more than 9 percent in this field.

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Security Analysis

More than two-thirds of businesses suffer multiple cyberattacks every year. Considering that every attack loses an organization massive amounts of time and money, cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a key business strategy. One of the fastest-growing employment fields in the entire IT jobs market, information security is projected to enjoy a growth rate of about 35 percent through 2030. As with cloud engineering, you will likely need to pursue specialized education before you can acquire employment in the field of cybersecurity. There are many lucrative positions in this IT field, but security analysis is among the most commonly sought-after by employers and can demand a median salary of about $103,000.

The demand for IT jobs is high and has only continued to grow louder and more fervent as organizations around the world digitally transform. You can begin a long and successful career in IT today by pursuing any of the above fields in your studies and job search.

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