Technology is now a part of most people’s lives, whether they are young or old, and it is clear that football players would not be left out of this digital world.

With lots of social networks and lots of interesting mobile apps that can make our day-to-day easier, mobile devices have basically become an extension of our life. Among them, the most common are certainly:

  1. smartphones
  2. tablets
  3. Smartwatches

We caught up with sports expert Kate Richardson of the betting sites that use muchbetter to learn about the favorite mobile apps of football stars around the world. Along with this data, you will learn more information about betting that will be useful to you.

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Mobile Applications that are Most Often Used by Soccer Players


An application that has basically become part of many people’s daily lives, Instagram is perfect for those who want to post photos and videos of important moments and things in their daily lives.

In addition, it is one of the mobile applications most used by soccer players around the world to connect with their fans and shows not only their training and special moments with clubs, but also photos and videos of their vacations, their families, and things that they like.

Many players also take advantage of Instagram to post social campaigns and even raffles for autographed shirts or other prizes in partnership with official pages of their teams, leagues, or fan clubs.

In general, Instagram is used by players to connect with their fans, showing how they are also sometimes simple people despite their talent and popularity.


We can say that the connection between soccer players and technology has intensified from the fame of Twitter, an application and also a website that allows you to write things about your day, or any subject that interests you, in a nutshell.

Of course, it can also be used to post photos and videos, but most currently prefer to use Instagram for that. Among footballers, it is very common to see their Twitter being used to complain about lost games, especially regarding refereeing errors.

Who doesn’t remember the complaints of the Spanish defender Gerard Piqué, from Barcelona, ​​to some doubtful victories of Real Madrid or defeats by Barca? And Neymar, who always leaves his opinion also through tweets?!

In addition, the football teams themselves use Twitter a lot to post events about the games, for those fans that cannot follow the live streaming of the game on TV. Despite not being the most used one today, it is still a very common app among football players and even fans of the sport.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

During their vacation, football players can’t stop physical activity if they want to keep in good shape and come back for the next season on a high. And for that, Nike has launched a great app. Nike Training Club comes with workouts and fitness plans so you can not only keep in shape but also create healthy habits, and many players take advantage of it to maintain a fitness routine.

And anyone can use it, whether you are a professional athlete, someone who just likes to exercise, or even someone who is just starting out. In addition, it is also worth mentioning here another Nike app, the Nike Run Club, which is also used by football players around the world.

In it, instead of training, you can find sessions of running and walking, for those who prefer to exercise in freedom of the outdoors.


Who doesn’t love watching series and movies on Netflix, right?! And of course, football players would not be left out of this marvel.

Soccer Player

Another great mobile app for fun, whether alone or as a family. In fact, several players have already advertised for this app and website as well.

Currently, we’ve seen Liverpool player Virgil Van Dijk participate in the announcement of Netflix’s Belgian/Dutch series Undercover. In addition, we’ve seen players posting photos on Instagram or other social media several times showing them focusing on the TV in the background and on some Netflix series.


Of course, each player will also have their favorite mobile apps in a personal way, be they music, games, messaging apps, and so on. The way how soccer players use tech apps is not that different from other people, as they also like to have mobile apps for fun, benches, training, and so on.

The truth is, with the wide variety of apps currently available in smartphone stores, you can increasingly find new options to add to your day-to-day.

And you, what’s your favorite app?

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