While there have been many tech innovations over recent years, the internet is still the major breakthrough in this field. After all, without the internet, we would not be able to spend time online or use the many other tech marvels that require it to operate (such as smartphones and online gaming platforms).

Although the ability to head online to have fun or work has undoubtedly been a great thing, it has not come without its dangers. The main one that we are all well aware of now is cybercrime. This refers to crimes that happen online and sees cybercriminals targeting people/businesses that are active online. In response to the growing threat of online crime, cyber security has taken off as an industry. This in turn has also seen many people study it as a subject.

Although this has been driven by a need for qualified cyber security specialists, it is also down to the interesting nature of cyber security as a subject. But why is it so engaging, and how can you study online security?

Where Can You Study Cyber Security?

Study Cyber Security

Before we delve into why studying cyber security is so interesting, it is worth thinking about how to study it first. It goes without saying that the most sensible route is to enroll in a high-quality cyber security course at a university or college. This will ensure that you get the best teaching and learn the latest techniques/information to use in the future.

While traditional modes of study are still popular, many students are now turning to online courses instead. As the cyber security master’s degree online offered by St. Bonaventure University shows, these courses come with some unique benefits. The master’s degree at St. Bonaventure, for example, is very convenient and makes it possible to gain the qualifications you need from home. It also allows you to study when you want and how you want!

In addition, online courses such as this mean that you can access top-class education in this subject even if you do not live close to a university or can’t attend full-time classes in the day. For cyber security courses, online learning is especially useful as it makes you adept at using the latest online tech and completing work online. As cyber security is a subject with its roots online, this delivers a valuable experience of the digital world to students.

Now that we have looked at where to study this subject, it is worth discussing what makes it so interesting. Below are the top five reasons why the world of online security is so fascinating to learn about.

Reasons To Study Cyber Security

1. Cyber Security And Crime Are Inherently Interesting

Humans seem to have an in-built interest in crime and real-life crime in particular. For many people who study this subject, this is a major reason why it is so engaging. In the same way as watching police dramas on TV is cool or catching movies with detectives racing to solve a crime gives us a buzz, studying a course on cyber security has an inherent interest to it.

This comes down to the natural curiosity that many of us have for crime and the love we have for it as a subject in general. In essence, the very nature of an online security program is interesting by default, and this means that it will always be an absorbing course to enroll in.

2. Chance To Use Awesome Online Programs/Software

Studying a course in cyber security is also very interesting due to the cool online tech, platforms, and software you will use. Most people who choose to study a program such as this will have a natural interest in tech anyway and so get a real kick from using it as part of their studies.

If you already have a love for online apps, digital tools, and cloud computing, then it is pretty certain that you will find a cyber security course rewarding. From using tools to perform forensic crime analysis to software that designs cyber security systems, the use of cutting-edge technology in this type, of course, is really interesting.

3. Meet Some Cool People

Study Cyber Security

Although much of why studying cyber security comes down to the subject itself and using cool tech to learn about it, these are not the only things that people find appealing. You also have to factor in the diverse range of people you will come across on your course and the interesting tutors you will have the chance to learn from.

Even in an online course, you will be able to interact with other students via the internet and use video call tech to meet with tutors virtually. This can lead you to have plenty of interesting conversations, get to know some fascinating new people, and pick up extra knowledge that you find intriguing to research further.

4. Range Of Interesting Modules To Study

We have already noted that the very nature of cyber security courses and the interest that humans have in crime makes it a fascinating choice of subject. However, it is also true to say that the specific topics you will cover in any good cyber security program add even more interest to it.

This could be learning about the latest techniques to combat online crime, ethical hacking, or finding out about the biggest hacking attempts in history. You might also study modules on data mining, machine learning in cyber security, and enterprise security for businesses. These kinds of topics are very engaging and help to make online security courses awesome to enroll in.

5. Solve Complex Problems In An Ever-Changing World

This is perhaps the last major reason why cyber security is such an interesting subject for study. In the first place, it involves learning to pit your wits against online criminals and stop IT systems from being broken into. This can often involve deep-level thinking and complex puzzle solving – not only in terms of what measures would work but also how to implement them. This is something that many people find rewarding and engaging.

In addition, cyber security is an ever-changing world and this pace of change means that it never gets boring to study. There are always new ways for hackers to bypass security systems and new methods for online security specialists to stop them. This always gives you something new to be learning about and keeps any cyber security course fascinating.

Why Else Might You Study Cyber Security?

As the above shows, there is no doubt that cyber security is an interesting subject and one that has plenty of things to keep you engaged. This is in itself a very good reason to choose it when thinking of which course to enroll in. However, the interesting nature of online security is not the only thing it has to attract potential students.

Many people also like the chance it gives to make a real difference in the world and to fight crime personally. While you might not fancy becoming a police officer and all that this entails, using your tech knowledge to fight crime online is a viable choice for many. This not only makes you feel good in terms of keeping companies safe from hackers but also that you might play your part in bringing online criminals to justice.

You also have to add in that lots of people enjoy playing detective and love having the chance to pit their wits against online criminals. Studying cyber security gives you the ideal way to do this and unbox your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Cyber Security Is An expanding employment sector

Another big draw that cyber security has is the career prospects it delivers. For example, it is thought that almost one in four employers are looking for people with master’s degrees in this field currently. In addition, it is expected that there will be around 5 million vacant cyber security positions by 2023, and the increasing threat of online crime will boost the demand for qualified cyber security specialists within business.

Gaining a high-level academic qualification in this field, therefore, makes you more attractive to potential employers and gives you the credentials to forge a career in a growing sector. If you already work in cyber security, studying for an advanced qualification is perfect for expanding your current skill set and moving up the online security career ladder.

What Common Cyber Security Roles Are There To Consider?

Cyber Security Roles

Whether you are brand new to this industry or looking to progress within it, it is wise to know which kinds of roles commonly come up. This helps you to plan out your future career path more effectively and know what specific online security roles to keep an eye out for.

At the very top of the tree, the chief information security officer (CISO) is an in-demand role. This is a senior-level position that involves looking after the safety of all data/information in a business. CISOs are required to implement security measures to keep data safe from hackers and stay on top of threats to information security. As befits an executive-level role, the average salary is around $166,329 per year.

Another key cyber security role in business now is a security architect. This involves building and maintaining security systems/features that prevent malicious online attacks. As you can imagine, this position is central to any company’s online security status. It comes with an average salary of around $125,630.

What Other Cyber Security Roles Could You Move Into?

Cyber security engineer is another common role and one that is open as a more entry-level position. As a diverse and interesting job, this comes with an average salary of around $97,607 per annum. Working in this area involves planning online security measures to protect your organization from a cyberattack.

Malware analysts are also in demand and this role focuses on examining specific threats such as Trojan horse apps to understand how they work. This in turn helps you to recommend the best way to combat them and also how to guard against them. This role needs strong computing skills plus decent communication skills, an analytical mind, and some coding knowledge. An interesting role to move into after studies, it pays around $92,880 on average per annum.

What Common Cyber Security Attacks Might You Face In These Roles?

Cyber Security Attacks

Whatever roles you move into after studying cyber security, you are certain to come across some common online security threats over time. It is also pretty certain that the cyber security course you study online will explain these in more detail so that you are prepared to handle them when they show up!

A major issue for online security currently is ransomware. This is a malicious attack that uses a specific type of malware to infect and then lock down a business’s IT systems. The hackers are the only people who can unlock these systems and usually demand a hefty ransom fee to do so. This can naturally leave the business in question out of pocket and also with a loss of earnings for the time their systems were down.

Another very common cyberattack to know about is phishing. This sees hackers trying to gain sensitive details (such as passwords or login details) from people, which they can then use for nefarious purposes. The main way that they attempt this is through emails that appear genuine and that pretend to be from a trusted source. While this can be done on an individual level via people’s personal emails, many phishing attempts target employees of businesses in order to breach the companies’ IT networks.

What Other Common Cyber Security Attacks Are There?

In addition to ransomware, malware is still an issue in terms of online security. This is a general term that refers to malicious apps or programs that infect a computing device. Once installed, malware often runs quietly in the background to collect sensitive data and personal information. Many people do not even realize that their computer has malware on it, and this makes an organized focus on cyber security key for companies in particular.

For businesses, Denial-of-Service attacks are also an ever-present issue. This type of online security threat floods networks with traffic to bring them to a standstill. This then stops genuine customers from accessing the company’s website until the attack is resolved. If multiple devices are used to launch this attack, it is known as a Distributed-Denial-of-Service attack.

What Qualities Do You Need To Work In Cyber Security?

From successfully completing a cyber security qualification to moving into this sector for work, there are certain traits that most people will need to reach the top. As you might expect, an interest in technology is helpful and a love for computers/online tech is useful. This will see you not only get more for being involved with this field but also have more chance of success in it.

Cyber security is also a field where being organized, methodical and calm is key. This will help you to remain cool in pressurized situations (such as an incoming online threat to your company’s IT systems) and make rational decisions.

Being organized also means that you carry out your day-to-day role in an effective way and do not miss out on any key tasks you should be doing. Attention to detail is also crucial because this will help you spot incoming cyber-attacks, suspicious activity, and glaring security holes in your company’s IT network. Lateral thinking is another important trait that anyone who is thinking of working in cyber security should develop. This will help you think like the online criminals you are fighting and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to IT security issues.

Can Studying Cyber Security Come In Handy For Other Industries?

Studying Cyber Security

Although studying a course on cyber security is geared toward working in this sector specifically, it will arm you with some key skills if you decide to switch your career path. The high-level IT knowledge and computing skills you pick up, for example, will always be useful in other sectors. As being familiar with online tech and computers is something that cuts across all industries now, learning more about this will certainly be something that you can use anywhere.

Studying cyber security also builds strong analytical skills and great attention to detail. This is very useful in lots of other roles and something that you can use in other industries. Many companies now, for example, will employ data analysts, and the skills you build while studying cyber security can also come in handy for careers such as this.

Cyber Security Is An Interesting Field To Study

As the above demonstrates, there are many reasons why cyber security is such an interesting subject to study. When you also add the increasing demand for qualified online security specialists and the range of interesting jobs to move into after studies, it gets even better. With tech, online computing, and IT networks only set to become more central to our lives in the coming years, it is certainly one area that more people are thinking of moving into.

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