One of the many challenges most companies face is knowing what piece of technology to buy for their day-to-day operations. The thing is, businesses know that they need the latest technologies to remain competitive in the modern market. As such, they are constantly searching for ways not only to get the best but also to get it on a good deal.

Almost all companies these days require a server. But the irony of the matter is that new servers are usually expensive. You may also run the risk of buying one of inferior quality. This is where the question of how to get the right server for your business comes in. In the article, we will share with you six reasons why you should purchase a refurbished or used server.


points of used servers

One of the strongest selling points of used servers is performance. Most refurbished servers function almost like brand new and it is almost difficult to tell the difference. In some cases, they perform even faster and more optimally than newer models. Many IT departments in companies know this, which explains why they add these to their server racks from time to time. Some companies also keep using and reusing their servers for upwards of over 10 years. The bottom line is that servers generally have a superb second-hand value.


Most server manufacturers place a long warranty level on their products. So you do not need to be skeptical about getting a refurbished server for fear of not falling under the warranty umbrella. Because of the qualitative lifespan of servers, some manufacturers even give up three to five years of warranty on their products. During this time you can contact them for any issues you may have. So even if you get a refurbished server, you can still get a free check or replacement if the product is still in warranty.


refurbished piece

This is one of the things many companies try to avoid where they can. To beat down costs and prevent a bloated budget, companies would rather settle for a refurbished or used server piece of equipment. This is true especially if they can get it at a considerably lower price than a new one. Even when new servers may be comparably advantageous over a new one, the price drop is too enticing to simply gloss over.

Buying a refurbished server can save you up to 50% of what you will spend getting a new one. As we pointed out earlier, a used server performs almost as efficiently as a new one, if not better in some cases. So at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for you since you can still put aside enough money to take care of your other IT needs.

Helps To Reduce Waste

Electronic waste is a huge problem in the world today. Aside from the obvious physical waste it generates, you can’t help but think about the untold health hazards it causes to people. Because of this, several rules have been put in place by regulatory bodies to minimize the disposal of electronic waste indiscriminately.

These rules have well-draft guidelines that ensure how used electronics could be recycled. Many popular electronic refurbishing companies are adhering to these guidelines by refurbishing servers and making them fit for reuse. So when you purchase refurbished servers, you are not only not saving money but you help to reduce land waste which is harmful to the environment.


Age is usually a huge advantage when it comes to maintaining servers. Sometimes, it is easier to access the parts to a refurbished or used server than a new one for an IT retailer.

When a particular server model has built a reputation with age for its effectiveness, the more the parts become accessible. Because of this, many IT retail stores tend to keep enough parts in stock for a particular model if they deem it popular and reliable. That way, not only do refurbished servers remain relevant but they can also be easily maintained.

refurbished server

No Shipping Costs

The upside of getting a refurbished server is that it frees you from shipping costs. Most retailers who sell refurbished products do not charge shipping costs for delivery. When you consider the huge costs that come with shipping heavy equipment like servers, then you may understand how advantageous this can be.  A considerable price reduction plus free shipping costs makes for a sweet deal that you may not get anywhere else.

Get a Refurbished Server Today

There you have it. A refurbished or used server gives you the edge of saving a lot of dollars in costs to put to good use somewhere else. Not to consider the fact that a used server performs almost as good if not better than a new one. It’s always a good deal for any company or business trying to be fiscally frugal.

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