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5 Reasons Why You Need a Company Website

Believe it or not, almost 1/3 of small businesses still don’t have a website for their company. Most of these businesses believe they don’t need one because they are too small and their customers don’t need it.

However, if you want to stay relevant for future generations you need to be online.

Read on to find out why a company website is now essential no matter your type of business.

1. Get New Customers

A business website is an advertising mechanism that attracts new customers. Your website will show up on local Google searches for people to find your company that otherwise would have never have known that it existed.

Include a blog that uses SEO (site engine optimization) strategies  to help your site show up on search engine result pages using localized keywords like your current city.

2. Display Products and Services

Use a web design company to display your products and services for your customers. People can view information about your business before they step into your store, making it more likely that they will buy your products or contact you for service.

Use photos and descriptions of your products and services to show their benefits and drive sales. You don’t need a whole marketing team. Just be honest and pretend like you are speaking to a customer who walked into your store.

3. Allow Customers to Buy Online

In addition to showcasing your company online, you may also want to build a website that has an eCommerce shop. Sell products online and ship them to customers’ homes.

You can even allow customers to purchase services or book appointments online to make your business run smoother. Add payment gateways for customers to pay with credit or debit cards and include options like paying through PayPal. The more options you offer to customers, then the more sales you will receive.

4. Make it Easy for Customers to Contact You

When you create a website, you allow customers to find your contact information. Include your phone number and email, or even include a contact form to get more information about your customers.

You also can avoid missing a phone call from a customer when there are multiple ways for them to contact you. And a contact form helps prevent spam emails from reaching your inbox.

5. Look More Credible and Professional

The best website is one that gives your business credibility. Be sure to use a website development designer to make your site look professional. It should include an easy navigation menu, high-quality photos, and relevant copy to tell your customers about your company.

You also want someone to manage your website. They need to update the blog, fix any bugs, and renew hosting and domain subscriptions monthly or yearly.

Starting a Company Website

It is very easy to start a company website. You can hire a professional to complete the entire project or use a website builder to make it yourself. Within a few days, your site will be up and you can begin promoting it with ads and blog articles.

Be sure to check our Marketing section for tips on promoting your site.

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