Moving abroad is both thrilling and frightening. You’re leaving your home and friends behind to embark on a new journey. But it is crucial to get things started properly and keep up to date with your US Expat Tax filing. We will go over some tips to make your transition easy.

Tech Tips For American Expats Living Abroad

Let’s go over some tech tips to make your life easier abroad while living as an American expat.


Chat bots on smartphone

A smartphone with a global service plan is the best investment you can make while living abroad, and it allows you to utilize the same device and, in many cases, the same service wherever you travel.

When searching for a provider, inquire about foreign plans and the number of countries covered. Check to see if the plan is a monthly fixed subscription or whether there will be additional expenses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Assistants

Artificial intelligence is beneficial when adapting to life in an overseas country.

Some of the most common Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Assistants include:

  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Siri
  • Amazon Alexa

You may use your AI assistant to locate eateries, commercial areas, and entertainment places. It also helps you in learning more about future community events.

Adapter Plugs

Purchasing a set of adaptor plugs is an excellent investment, and the best ones are adapters that make it simple to alter your power cables for any situation. They ensure that you constantly have access to a power supply, whether traveling or spending time at your new offshore property.

Currency Calculators

Smartphone user

Becoming acquainted with the cash in your new overseas country will take some time. Online converters can be accessed via your smartphone, helping with currency conversions.

Translation Tools

A translation program or gadget is one way to learn and understand a new language. This gadget enables anyone to speak or write a phrase or word and then see and listen to it spoken in languages of your preference.

Cloud Storage

Consider storing essential papers, statements, and other things on the cloud. It simplifies record keeping and guarantees that you do not lose anything important.

Credit Cards And Virtual Debit Cards

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Overseas debit cards and credit cards are valuable tools, but digital debit or credit cards provide the same benefits. These are solely for online usage and add another degree of identity protection.

Managing Financial Accounts

Talking of cash, you most likely have accounts at different banks. Some are offshore savings and checking accounts, whereas others are local bank accounts. You may hold funds both at home and overseas.

It will be helpful to have an app that allows you to review them simultaneously. These apps provide you with real-time access to your accounts, and you can initiate financial transfers between such accounts in addition to viewing balances and transactions. This feature streamlines your banking.

Bottom Line

Moving to a new country can be terrifying, but with the available technology, it has become much simpler and more convenient. The quicker you get accustomed to the local culture, the easier it will be to spend your days as an American expat.

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