After hours of playing, looting, and crossing different levels on Sea of Thieves, it is always frustrating to log in next time and see your entire game progress cleared off.

Unlike other adventurous video games, Sea of Thieves allows you to save your game progress in cloud storage. The question now is, how to save your game in Sea of Thieves? Let’s find out!

If you don’t want to lose your game progress so far, don’t log out of a session. You can exchange your loot for renown or cash. It will save in your account. Also, we advise you to check out these sea of thieves hacks and cheats to enjoy this fascinating game from Rare.

How to Save Your Game Progress in Sea of Thieves – Effective Ways

Save Your Game Progress

Let’s look at ways to save your game (especially loots and spoils) in Sea of Thieves.

1. Locate an NPC on the Map

Locate any NPC on the map and make sure they can accept to exchange your treasure for renown or currency. No matter what you have gathered in your game, turn in your treasures to store them in your account.

Sea of Thieves is an online session-based game. An auto-save mechanism helps bring you back to your previous stage. Each time you spawn and restart the game, you lose all your loot, spoils, etc. That’s why you must always turn in your loots to save them from disappearing in your next game.

2. Don’t Log Out

Despite being session-based, exiting from Sea of Thieves will not affect your ship’s cosmetics or character. However, the treasure and materials gathered in your progress will clear off when you log in next time.

If you have valuables in your materials and treasure, you may need to keep your computer internet-connected and charged. However, as mentioned earlier, you can save your loot at the NPC on the map, as it will be recorded for your pirate. Only then can you log out.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you need a stable internet connection. If your network connection is interrupted in the middle of your gameplay, it could cause your game to disconnect.

Save Your Game

3. Log Out on Major Adventures

The same way you lose loots that are not turned in on NPC is the same way you lose a voyage. Immediately you log out, ordinary voyages will terminate and leave you searching for new replacements when you log in next time.

Instead of embarking on such voyages, go for better narrative adventures. Your progress will not be removed if you log out or disconnect from Sea of Thieves. So embark on major adventures to keep your game available on Sea of Thieves.

4. Use the Cloud Storage Feature

The cloud storage feature allows you to save your entire game progress in the cloud database. The best part is that you can always access your game from another device using your cloud login details. Moreover, you can even continue from where you stopped on your previous devices.

To save your game on cloud storage, you’ll need to sign up for a cloud account (if you don’t have any). On the other hand, you can sign in with your Google account or any account that is supported by the cloud system.

Once sign-in is complete, you can save your Sea of Thieves gameplay on your cloud storage.

5. Try Not to Die

If you die in Sea of Thieves, you’ll spawn. And by spawning, you’ll lose all your loot, treasures, etc. If you want to save everything you’ve worked for in this game, try your best to stay alive. If you can make it to the end, you can save, log out, or do whatever you wish.

stay alive to save your game

You need to stay alive to save your game and prevent it from starting afresh. So, monitor your health status. Take a break whenever necessary, loot valuable items, and build your pirate but don’t die.


Seeing how hostile the sea can be, you will always want to save your game. Thanks to the auto-save mechanism, all your activities will be saved. So, make sure of it by turning in your loots for cash, beautifying your ship, purchasing weapons and outfits, and buying pets.

Remember, any treasure you forget to turn in on the NPC will be lost when you respawn or start your game. Sea of Thieves is a session-based video game. Logging out without saving your progress will clear all your purchases as well.

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