Even in 2022, a Strategic SEO Agency is still important for getting more website traffic. That doesn’t mean that SEO hasn’t changed a lot over the years, though.

There are more than 63,000 searches on Google every second, but there are also a lot of web pages out there. It’s more important than ever to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) if you want your business to get discovered online.

SEO is changing, however, so you need to keep up with the latest. Here are 7 SEO trends that are going to dominate in 2022.

1. Increased Emphasis On-Page Performance

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In 2022, there will be a higher emphasis on-page performance.

Maintaining all of the things that improve a user’s experience on a website will be essential. This includes doing things such as improving page speed, implementing great navigation, enabling HTTPS security, and more.

Page experience metrics including Google’s Core Web Vitals will become more important to pay attention to if you want to increase and maintain Google rankings. The emphasis on these ranking factors will steadily increase throughout 2022 and beyond and they will continue to play a larger role in Google’s algorithm as time goes on.

To ensure great page performance, it’s a great idea to hire Digital Marketing experts.

2. More Focus On Mobile

It should come as no surprise that a greater emphasis is being placed on improving websites for mobile devices as well. This has steadily increased over the years and will be even more important in 2022.

With mobile-first indexing (MFI), the experience that users have on mobile devices has never been more important.

To improve your SEO you’ll need to focus on mobile optimization. Among other things, you should use responsive web design, improve site speed, and ensure that navigation is easy on mobile devices with small screens.

3. Search Engines Better Identify Search Intent

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Another way that SEO is changing in 2022 is that it’s becoming easier for Google and other search engines to identify search intent.

Google is improving its ability to deliver more relevant search results and more intelligent answers to complicated questions. With the implementation of the multitask unified model (MUM), Google is more easily understanding context and improving its ability to provide relevant search results, even for questions and queries that aren’t straightforward.

To make sure that your site shows up more often in search results, make sure that you’re adding high-quality content to your website that truly provides value to your audience.

Be sure that you’re focused on search intent and that your pages are actually helping answer questions that people have in an honest and in-depth way. You should also make use of structured data to further help search engines understand your content.

4. AI Content Writing

In addition to search algorithms getting smarter, it’s now possible to use artificial intelligence (AI) for content writing as well. More and more AI writing tools are being used by content creators.

While they’re a long way from being able to create content that is on par with professional writers and content experts, they can help with content creation quite a bit. Many content writers are using AI as an assistant rather than relying on it to create great content on its own.

You can expect to see more of these tools trending in 2022 and beyond. As time goes by, more marketers and content creators will recognize the benefits of using artificial intelligence when writing content.

5. Video SEO

Another thing that’s changing in SEO is an increased focus on video in search engine results.

It’s important that you’re optimizing your videos for search engines to ensure that Google will be more likely to show your videos to web searchers. Adding important keywords and information to tags and video descriptions can be helpful, but there are more things that you can do as well.

Marking “key moments” in your videos can help Google understand your video content. Using new Google structured data and video schema features can help to improve your video’s presence in search results as well.

The ways that Google crawls and understands websites and pages are improving, so it’s becoming even more important for content to be high-quality and valuable. Google is beginning to understand the context and signals in content more extensively now, so there is a decreased emphasis on backlinks and other authority signals.

While backlinks will still be very important for a while, their importance is slowly slipping away, and search rankings are becoming more democratic. Great user experience, excellent content, and amazing performance will start playing even more of a role in determining a page’s position in Google searches.

7. An Increase in Voice Searches

Another search trend for 2022 is an increase in voice search.

Every year, more and more web users are making searches with the help of voice assistants. Smart marketers need to recognize this and make changes to their content that targets these searchers more effectively.

It’s important to use best practices for improving voice search. You should be sure to use long-tail keywords, questions, and natural phrases in your content. Adding FAQ pages can be incredibly helpful for doing this. It’s also important to optimize for local search and mobile devices as well.

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While there are a lot of new SEO trends to watch out for in 2022, many of the best practices for SEO remain the same. It’s important to pay attention to these new trends while also keeping other optimization tips and techniques in mind as well.

Make sure that you’re focused on providing a great user experience on your site while also ensuring that your content provides plenty of value for website visitors.

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