The world is enhancing to its peak and some part of it because of the rise of the internet generation. Slack has given ample opportunity in this field. Due to this collaboration process has become quite accessible.

Slack is known for its communication between two users and its instant reply to the other. It is a cloud-based platform. As we read earlier, it is known for its collaboration in communication. Teams of all types, be it SMEs or big enterprises, all use this platform. This platform helps them to produce and submit high-quality service and helps in customer trafficking along with the solutions for every issue. The benefits will increase if you add on the integrations of Slack.

The advantage of having Slack integration is that as a customer you can get every information from wherever you want. The user can use those sources and use it. It will help to fulfill customer’s demands. Without any doubt, one must go with Slack.

Advantages Of Slack Integration

Slack Integration

  1. Slack has AWS, which makes Slack a very special chat room. It got its customization into a big working communication hub which makes communication easy and effective. While you are dealing with your daily work operation, Slack makes all your work adjustable with a lot of Slack integrations.
  2. For the users, using Slack has become very easy as it easily gets integrated with other apps and gives those applications real value. If a team wants to create a workflow they can use this. Also, they can use data from other applications.
  3. The customers, if they want to get more or communicate face-to-face, can go with Zoom Slack integration or Google Hangout, or if they want to schedule a meeting, they can go with Google Calendar. These apps keep their communication very private and give you timely information for your meeting. They help a lot during critical discussions of any work of the team.
  4. Various companies use Slack integration and they use it to collaborate with their teams and they use it to integrate with social media. They use social media for exchanging and discussing ideas on different things. It promotes social media marketing and is accessible for an early reply to the customers.

Slack is a fast system of communication and collaboration. Between a barrage of endless tasks and far more distractions, the platform enables employees to get their work done uninterrupted. Workplaces require setting aside focus time to accomplish daily tasks and get into the right flow for the most engaging tasks, to achieve high-quality work. There are a lot of functions of Slack which we will learn below.

1. Channels

slack channel

The property of Slack’s channel is to make separation between the messages, topics, ideas, and notifications for enhancing the focus.

2. Private Channels

You will get full privacy with slack. They have this option called invite channels only where you can have privacy.

3. Messaging

Messaging service of Slack is very easy and accessible. Once a message is pinged in a group, it gives you an instant reply.

4. Sharing

File sharing is one of the common processes in collaboration. Through Slack, you can send every type of file. They allow those files whose solution is not there inside Slack.

5. Notification

Sending notifications to your customers can be a tough job. As if you send less messages your customers will go out of hand and if more then they will start ignoring or get irritated. That is why Slack separates the notifications according to the requirement, channels, and keywords.

Once you become a member of Slack, your every work becomes organized and you are also close to your team. Sometimes it happens that you forget about your upcoming meeting and it happens to be very bad. It may be about the location or about the time that has been changed. But with Slack, it can be rectified easily.

Google Calendar which has now integrated with Slack makes this work easier and more efficient. It allows them to get integrated with other calendars too. They will post everything on any channel and to you too. If you want to set reminders you can easily do that before any event.

How To Integrate Google Calendar On Your Slack App?

slack app

  1. The process of integrating Google Calendar on Slack is very easy.
  2. You have to select Google Calendar from the Slack team combining page.
  3. But, you have to first connect Slack with your Google account. After logging in, you will get various options of calendars. If you want to connect through multiple accounts you can. It will help you access more calendars.
  4. After you have selected any calendar in your account, you can choose a channel that you will like Google Calendar to integrate with. That will send you a post update.
  5. You are free to make changes to your new account. All the settings related to reminders can be enabled and disabled. Updates regarding the calendar can also be updated. It will help you to get every detail about daily and weekly details changed if every event reminder can be done. This works best for your day-to-day work.
  6. Furthermore, access/edit your files on your drive using the Slack Google Drive integration. This will help you share documents easily within your workplace. Learn more about it over here.

Important Note: Make sure that you save every setting that you are changing in the integration process.


From the above article, we learned about Slack and its integration with Google Calendar. Nobody wants to miss their daily reminders about any event or meeting or location. With Slack and its high-quality technology and convenience, you will be able to remember everything on time.

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