There are a lot of tools available to build websites these days, but that doesn’t mean you should wing the web development process without a plan. If you don’t do things right, you’ll have a poor website design that doesn’t serve your visitors. That’s why most major websites take at least 14 weeks to build.

If you’re curious about what the website development process looks like in practice, this post will help. Below are every step web developers take during the website design process.


Don't Skip Any Step in the Website Development Process

Validation is the first step you need to take for any new website. If you’re starting a new venture and plan to sell a product, building a website before you validate demand is a mistake. All you’ll do is waste money if nobody wants to buy your products.

Validating your idea will help you avoid that problem. You can speak to potential customers to see if they find value in what your website will offer. You can also get valuable insights that help you refine your website idea.


A wireframe is the first step you should take when developing a new website. It’s hard to put into words how you want your website to function. A wireframe helps put your idea into visual form.

Your wireframe represents every button and action on your website. You’ll use it to create a prototype for your design team, so they know how to create their design.


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Your design team is ready to start the design process once you finish your website wireframe. This process is where you’ll develop your user interface and color scheme for your website.

Don’t just create a site that you believe looks good, either. Your goal is to serve your customers. Think of your visitors’ needs and the design that works best for them.


Once you have a website design, the next step of the process is programming. You’ll need a developer who knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at a minimum. If you have a more complex website, you’ll also need someone who knows a backend programming language.

Give your design to your developer, and they’ll turn it into a website. Ensure you let them know what features you want to ensure you get the product you’re looking for.


Testing is the final phase of the website design process. It doesn’t matter which types of websites you’re building, either. You need to get it tested before launching it to the public.

Try to find as many regular users as you can for this process. Ordinary people will likely use your website in ways you don’t expect. Because of this, they’re good at finding website bugs that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find.

You can work closely with a website or eCommerce web development services to handle testing right.

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Now You Know What the Website Development Process Takes

A lot goes into the website development process, so it pays to learn all about it before you get started. Now that you know what it takes to build a website, you’re better prepared to take on the task if you have an idea. Follow the process above to become a small business owner and create your own site.

Do you want to learn more about what happens after you build a website? Check out the blog to learn more about maintaining a website and driving visitors to view your content.

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