As with most articles of this nature, you will be offered vague advice from people who have never run a business, offering advice they read from the first three results they found on Google. This article differs by offering advice on the things you missed while creating your B2B social media marketing strategy. Though, perhaps the best and most common advice is to learn as much as you can about LinkedIn and to invest plenty of time and effort into the platform. It is 99% wannabes, but it has a heavy HR usership, and sometimes you can use the HR department of a company to sneak your way into meeting somebody of importance.

B2B Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Freddy Never Follows Up

LinkedIn Outreach

The thing that is overlooked the most often with any business-to-business strategy (social media based or otherwise) is the follow up. So few companies follow up after contact. So many people are happy with a “Maybe” because they hate the idea of a hard rejection. Yet, it is the people who follow up who succeed. Even companies that are eager to work with you are going to need frequent contact from you in order to confirm that you are serious about working with them.

Luckily, social media is loaded with plenty of private chat functions. So, once first contact is made, you can keep following up by whatever social media avenue the other business left open. There is a difference between being pushy and following up. Consider what you would want in their position, and then multiply it by two, and that is the amount you should follow up per month.

Jill’s Facebook Page Shows Her Hitting The Bong

social media

Before Facebook was automated by spy bots, somebody would go for a job interview and claim they were super honest and pure, and then the HR department would see them hitting the bong on their Facebook profile. These days, such problems are gone because Facebook will ban you if you are openly using a narcotic. Yet, a similar problem applies to the business world.

There are companies that claim to be very professional, who will show their staff doing a chicken dance during a pandemic. There are companies that claim they are super productive and always working, and yet they show their staff in meetings doing very little. The trend works with every variety of promise you make when you market yourself to another company. You claim to be the company that treats its workers like friends, and then have videos of your staff being super-efficient and pushed to breaking point. In summary, when you make claims and branding promises to another company, make sure your social media profiles are promoting the same brand principles and claims.

Harry Writes “Dear To Whom It May Concern”

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You may think your social media accounts should have a broad feel to them. You probably want to cast a wide net to ensure you get as much business-to-business interaction as possible. Sadly, the larger the net, the easier it is to see your net coming. Your social media accounts, especially the ones you use to target other businesses, should be custom designed to appeal to the businesses you want to do business-to-business deals with.

If your potential businesses are gun enthusiasts, perhaps they work with the military, then your profiles should be gun friendly and enthusiastic. This may scare off other business types and other business leaders, but these are the choices you must make if you want to have a bigger impact on social media. Also, you could do worse than proving you have a lot of online influence. Jump onto a website like, buy up a few social media profiles that have larger followings. Promote your primary social media profiles (and their content) to those audiences and gather up a little social media attention. Your posts will look far more appealing if they have several thousand likes and interactions.

Jenny Has Nothing To Offer

A high performer within a business has an abundance of everything except time. The high performers cannot be bribed because they have enough money. You cannot offer them resources, workloads or proof of your worth. These are the angles that many business-to-business marketers try to approach from, and that is why they are ignored. Also, do not try to “Save the other business some money” because that is the offer most spammers and scammers approach with.

Do not offer the things in the previous paragraph because they already have them. Consider how what you have to offer will affect the people you reach out to. Your social media profiles are supposed to demonstrate what you have to offer. Consider how you may save them or their business time, or how you may solve one of their problems. If you can do this, and your social media profiles prove you can save time or solve a problem, then you are more likely to succeed.

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