There are several common uses of car magnets out there today, and perhaps the single most frequent is for the purpose of advertising and marketing. Car magnets allow for the showcasing of your brand and business to thousands of eyes in some of the most organic ways possible and combined with their low cost and ease of maintenance, it’s no wonder they’re popular for this purpose.

If you’re looking for high-quality car magnets to assist with any kind of advertising effort for your business, it’s recommended to utilize top resources like Signazon and their various custom car magnet solutions. What are some of the important themes to cover while going down this path? Here are several to keep in mind.

Advertising With Car Magnets

Choosing Ideal Material

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First and foremost, you have a couple of quality material selection options when it comes to custom car magnets. These are as follows:

  • Magnetic: Generally meant for metal doors and other vehicle elements, magnetic options are made from high-quality thermoplastics. They have no dead spots and are meant to remain stuck through all sorts of weather conditions. They mount on any flat metallic surface and typically come with rounded corners so there’s no fly-away risk. They’ll generally be finished with latex ink and an overcoat for protection.
  • Vinyl: Meant more for fiberglass or aluminum vehicle surfaces, easy stick vinyl is a removable, reusable option that is made from pressure-sensitive vinyl. They’re often car wash safe and can be used on any non-porous vehicle surface. These are printed with UV inks and typically have a protective laminate layer.

Both options are great, so it’s ultimately up to you to decide which one will work better given the make of your vehicle and your other needs.

Selecting Proper Size

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Custom car magnets come in a huge range of sizes, so it’s important that you think about how big or small you want yours to be. Asking yourself a few key questions can help guide the decision-making process here:

  • How much space do I have on my vehicle to work with?
  • How much money do I want to spend on car magnets?
  • How much of an impact do I want my car magnets to make?
  • Do I want my car magnets to be easily noticed or more subtle?

After answering these questions, you’ll likely have a better idea of what size will work better for you. Sizes range from 10″ round magnets all the way up to magnets that are 18″ x 24″, so there’s plenty of room to choose something that meets your needs perfectly.

Designing Your Car Magnet For Maximum Impact

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Once you’ve confirmed some of the basic details like material and size, it’s time to start thinking about the design of your car magnet. After all, this is what will determine how effective it is at actually advertising your brand or business.

There are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind while designing:

  • Be concise: You don’t have a lot of space to work with on a car magnet, so it’s important that you be as concise as possible. Trying to cram too much information in will just make things look cluttered and confusing, which is the last thing you want.
  • Make it readable: Since people will be seeing your car magnet while driving, it’s important that the text is large enough and clear enough to be read from a distance. Choose simple fonts that are easy to read and make sure the text is big enough that it can be seen from a few feet away.
  • Use colors wisely: In general, you’ll want to use bright, eye-catching colors on your car magnet. This will help make it more noticeable and ensure that people remember it. However, you’ll also want to make sure that the colors you choose work well together and don’t clash.
  • Include a call to action: A call to action is always a good idea on any kind of marketing material, and car magnets are no different. After all, you want people to actually do something after seeing your magnet, whether that’s visiting your website or coming into your physical location.
  • Add logo or pictures: A great way to ensure that your brand is well-represented is to add your logo or some kind of relevant image. Just make sure that it’s not too busy or confusing.
  • Contact information: It’s vital to include space for your website, phone number, and any other relevant contact information. This will make it easy for people to get in touch with you if they’re interested in what you have to offer.

Be Cognizant Of Local Laws

Depending on where you live, there may be laws in place regarding the size and placement of car magnets. Here are a few examples of the kinds of regulations you may have to comply with:

  • Commercial vehicles vs personal vehicles: In some states, advertising using car magnets is entirely permissible — as long as the vehicle in question is commercial in nature. If you’re using a personal vehicle, however, there may be stricter regulations in place. This means that a vehicle must be registered as commercial before it can have advertising magnets placed on it.
  • Magnet size: Some states have laws dictating the maximum size of car magnets that can be used. This is typically done to prevent visual obstructions that could cause accidents. Size restrictions are most common in certain areas of the vehicle, such as the windshield or back window.
  • Homeowner’s association: It may sound crazy, but certain homeowners’ associations have such strict rules in place that they actually forbid the use of car magnets — even while your car is parked in the driveway of an HOA property. If you live in an HOA, be sure to check the rules before ordering your magnets.
  • Insurance considerations: Down related lines, it’s important to check with your insurance provider to see if there could be any implications for using car magnets. Some insurers may raise rates or consider it a form of commercial use, which could have an impact on your coverage.

These are just some basic tips for advertising using custom car magnets, which can be enormously effective for many businesses and brands.

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