Do you want to raise cybersecurity awareness in your team? This article is right for you. Here we collected tips on creating training videos on cybersecurity. Video instructions are easier to perceive and remember compared to textual ones. By creating an engaging piece of video content featuring possible security risks, you can avoid cyber attacks in the future. Read on and explore how to train your team on cybersecurity with a customized video.

Why You Need to Create Cybersecurity Training Videos

We live in an era of dramatic technological advances, and breakthroughs go along with breaches. Anyone is safe online, so it’s important to safeguard your company data. Hackers constantly improve their methods, and regular training is vital for preventing, responding, and recovering from attacks.

Cybersecurity Training

There are different types of cybersecurity training focused on developing certain skills and identifying threats, like phishing simulations, awareness of ransomware attacks, malware, and password management training. Video in cybersecurity training is a useful tool that attracts the audience’s attention, demonstrating how to deal with cyber threats in a fun and engaging way. Besides, it’s easy to create, and the following tips will help you generate instructional content in a few simple steps.

How to Generate a Cybersecurity Training Video

These tips will help keep your information safe by educating team members on cautious online behavior. Let’s find effective tips on crafting informative and attention-grabbing training videos.

#1 Prepare Materials

The first thing to do is consult cyber specialists on possible risks for your company. Based on this information, you can prepare a video plan. You should focus on topics that are relevant to your business. You can study cybersecurity training video examples to see what is worth highlighting, as there are really a lot of topics. These may be phishing attacks, malware, denial-of-service, two-factor authentication, social engineering attacks, and more.

#2 Decide Who Will Make the Video

You can make a video on your own or hire an outside agency. Both options have pros and cons, so decide what is better for your company. If you create a training video, you save a lot of money and fully control the process. You know your team, their strong and weak sides, and can tailor the content for their needs. In order to do that properly, study cybersecurity materials and find high-quality tools to edit video, add audio to video, include captions, effects, and more.

Cybersecurity Training

#3 Focus on Simplicity

The simpler you explain complex cybersecurity concepts, the better. Try to make your video short, engaging, and clear. Include images, infographics, memes, your in-house jokes, photos, etc to make people watch your video attentively till the end. Another important thing to consider is breaking information into segments, including titles, and a bit of textual information for better understanding. If possible, it’s better to create several videos focusing on different cybersecurity aspects rather than generate one long video once a month.

#4 Incorporate Practical Examples

The theory is nothing without practice, so your training video should include real-life examples and tasks. Your employees will be more aware of cyber threats and ways of preventing and overcoming them if they see how it works in practice. It’ll be great to incorporate a screen recording to show a step-by-step guide on dealing with the cyber attack. You can make a cyber attack on one of the team members after watching a video to discuss an action plan and identify weaknesses.

#5 Distribute the Video

Cybersecurity Training

Finally, you should make your training videos easily accessible. It means that employees can watch them anytime they need, rewatch, download, share, and discuss. Find out if your staff wants to watch videos together as a training course or process information individually. You should make short videos covering specific cybersecurity topics regularly. Revise important information and create quizzes to find who needs more training and on what topics. When you hire new members to your team, include training videos in the onboarding possess.


Training your employees requires time, effort, and money, but you will avoid cyber-attacks and safeguard your company data. We hope these tips will help you generate high-quality training videos full of useful facts presented accessibly.

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