Seven Tips for Finding Success With Referral Marketing


Starting a referral marketing platform might be the right choice for your company. You want to gain more customers and get new eyes on your products or services. The customers that you have now can be the key to getting more customers. Continue reading to get seven great tips for finding success with referral marketing.

1. Offer Great Incentives

Perhaps the most important part of your referral marketing program involves offering great incentives. You need to give people a reason to want to refer their friends to your company. If you offer good incentives such as discounts, gift cards, and free products, it’s more likely that your program will take off. It’s best to set your referral program up for success by focusing on offering desirable incentives.

2. Make Signing up Easy

It’s also crucial to focus on making the referral program easy to access. If signing up is a pain, no one is going to bother to do it. Try your best to make signing up for the program simple and make the experience as intuitive as possible. You might wish to design an app or you could have an online account system through your company website that’s easy to use and understand.

3. Use Social Media to the Fullest

Social media is the best way to get information out there about your referral marketing platform. You can use social media to the fullest to let people know about the program and its goals. Communicating with your customers through social media can help to keep them engaged with your brand. You should leverage the power of social media to make your referral program more successful.

4. Send Reminders via Email

Email is still a great tool that shouldn’t be ignored. Sending reminder emails to people in the referral program can help to coax them to attempt to get referrals. An email here or there will keep the program fresh in the mind of your customers. This could help you to get more referrals rather than having customers forget about the program after a few weeks.

You don’t need to send emails all the time, of course. Semi-regular emails can help to remind people about the program. Many successful referral programs send out bi-weekly or monthly reminder emails.

5. Focus on Making Great Products/Providing Great Services

Why would people want to refer your products or services to their family members and friends if they aren’t any good? You must focus on making your company something that people are proud to recommend to others. Provide customers with excellent products and services so it’ll be easy to get referrals. When the quality of your products and service speak for themselves it’ll be a lot easier to find success with these programs.

Do you need to make changes to any of your company strategies? Should you focus on fine-tuning your offerings before starting the referral program? Try to take everything into account and do what you can to ensure that you can be proud of what your company is offering to consumers.

6. Make Sure the Timing Is Right

The timing needs to be right to launch a referral program. Ideally, you should have a strong customer base already when you launch this sort of program. You need to have a base of customers that will then spread recommendations and gain incentives for doing so. It might be wise to wait until your company is established in the market before starting such a program.

7. Take Feedback Into Account

Finally, it’s prudent to take customer feedback into account to make your referral program better. You might get both positive and negative feedback about your program. Use this information to make tweaks so that your program can be as successful as possible. Companies that listen to their customers and consider their desires are far more likely to find success than those that remain close-minded.

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