Just like in many other sectors of marketing, YouTube advertisers are increasingly leaning on advertising software and applications to get the most out of their ads. There’s software available to create ads, find the perfect target audiences, increase views, manage your ad distribution, and analyze results.

Many—if not most—of these platforms require a commitment of time (via learning) and money (via subscription costs). With literally dozens of options available catering to every part of YouTube advertising, how do you know which platforms are worth the investment?

Below, we tell you how to work that out.

1. Choose Your Software Wisely

Advertising Software on YouTube

There are hundreds of software options available to YouTube channel owners and marketers. And equally, thousands of online articles tell you this is the best advertising agency software to use.

Before you commit to a single software, take the time to do some research.

Browse articles to find the software most often recommended. Compare and contrast these options based on subscription fees, features, and customer support. Look for alternatives to popular software—for example, there’s more info here on TubeSift alternatives.

Once you’ve narrowed your list to three to five options, sign up for the complimentary trials to test them out.

And don’t forget, YouTube has its own ad creation software, YouTube Studio. Take advantage of it!

2. Familiarise Yourself With YouTube Brand Guidelines

All the software in the world won’t help you if you’re not up to speed on YouTube advertising and brand guidelines. This is because any advertising you do that doesn’t meet these standards won’t get distributed properly or worse, won’t even get approved in the first place.

Make sure your channel is correctly formatted, optimized for search, and the images are all of the correct sizes. Ads must adhere to the platform’s strict length, image size, and content guidelines.

Software on YouTube

3. Know How to Use Your Chosen Software

Even the most sophisticated software is no help if you don’t know how to take advantage of all the features.

For example, some people use Google docs for creating simple written documents; others understand the features so well they use it to design complete and saleable e-books.

The same goes for YouTube ad software. Once you’ve subscribed to your chosen software, take courses or look for tutorials online to increase your user knowledge.

4. Review Your Subscriptions Bi-Yearly

There’s nothing more harmful to a YouTube ads budget than subscribing to software your company doesn’t even use or that suits your needs.

Whether you’re subscribed to the best precision targeting software or any other ad management offerings, schedule a review of your services at least once every six months. Consider how much value you get from your subscription in terms of optimization—both time and money.

If you’re not getting value, find a replacement for the service or cut it altogether.

Ad Software

Advertising Software: Make It Work for You

Whether you’re operating on zero budget or managing a stable of corporate clients, advertising software can help you achieve more results on YouTube. But only if you use it wisely. Consider software subscriptions carefully based on what they provide to you and don’t be afraid to get flexible (i.e., cancel subscriptions and change providers) if and when you need to.

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