The best and largest cloud storage providers in the USA allow individuals and businesses to securely store backups of important data online and it is worthwhile to look at cloud storage comparisons to ensure you get the most useful, competitively-priced plans.

Best Cloud Storage? But What is Cloud? 

You hear daily about cloud services, uploads to the cloud, and cloud storage. But what is it really? In short: Cloud storage is a smart way to save your files so you can access them whenever and wherever you want, provided you have an internet connection.

Best Cloud Storage for Photos – Why is Cloud Storage Practical?

Best cloud storage for photos

Let’s say that you meet a friend in town and have coffee. You want to show pictures from your last trip to the Alps. Had it been 20 years ago, you would have had to put it on a floppy disk, which held very little data, or you would need to bring the whole computer. Fifteen years ago, you could burn the photos on a CD. In recent years, there are USB sticks that can store an enormous number of data and images. There are also memory cards and portable hard drives. But even if they are quite small and portable, you do not always have them with you when you spontaneously want to show your pictures to someone or want to look at them yourself. Cloud storage comes to the rescue at these times and all you will need to know is the best cloud storage for photos.

Largest Cloud Storage Providers – Computing Services Provided in Another Place

Cloud computing is when a company provides computing services in another place other than where they are being used. The cool thing about the largest cloud storage providers is that you only pay then for the services you use – nothing more, nothing less. 

Cloud’ is a Metaphor for the Internet

metaphor for the Internet

With the largest cloud storage providers, the cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet. The cloud in computing occupies all the IT infrastructure that actually makes the Internet work. The company hiring these cloud computing services does not have to know about or control any of these complex technologies – it all gets done for them by the most reputable, best cloud storage for business.

Cloud storage comes from a 3rd party cloud vendor who owns data storage and provides it over the Internet by means of a pay as you go process. The vendors of the largest cloud storage providers offer everything to ensure that this data is available to companies all over the world. 

The companies do not have to buy any hardware and they can add or take away from their data capacity as needed. The largest cloud storage providers allow quick delivery of the storage needed.

Largest Cloud Storage Providers – Best Cloud Storage For Photos

For anyone, not being able to find an important photo can be devastating, especially if it jeopardizes your job. For professionals, losing a photo can be a costly mistake and it may be too late to realize that there are ways to store photos digitally. 

The largest cloud storage providers use online cloud services. The best cloud storage for photos simply allows you to log in and access the photos from any device.

Several cloud storage services offer free cloud storage, of which Dropbox and Google Drive are examples. There are also cloud photo services such as Google Photos, allowing you to store and organize photos from your mobile devices.

When you look at the largest cloud storage providers, a cloud storage comparison will become necessary. It is important to know which are the best free cloud storage services available in 2022 and nothing changed much with respect to the top cloud providers 2021.

Idrive. Doing research, you find that IDrive is one of the best cloud backup services there are, being a top pick for best cloud storage for photos and best free cloud storage. They offer easy setup, and also a free 5GB plan with the paid version. They also offer an excellent mobile app that allows the user to manage their files wherever they are. IDrive ensures great cloud storage offerings. The main benefit of using IDrive is that it is cross-platform compatible, meaning that you can backup and restore files across all mobile devices such as Macs, PCs, iPhones, Androids, iPads, etc.

One of the top cloud providers 2021 and 2022- Google Drive. It provides mobile and desktop apps and an excellent free storage plan. You can use Google Drive to store documents and also back up files on your computer. It comes along with your Google account. It can be used to store personal files and what’s more? It is completely free for up to 15 GB across personal services offered by Google. Doing a cloud storage comparison, you find that compared to Google Cloud Storage, there is no data encryption and no data organization management

One of the top cloud providers 2021 and 2022 – Dropbox. It is a popular choice for personal cloud storage with affordable plans. It comes with features that allow one to share large files. With cloud storage comparison, you find that Dropbox is not able to back up external or network drives, which differentiates it from Idrive. All files are encrypted and people appreciated Dropbox for its sheer simplicity.


Nextcloud. As an open-source program, a business can set up its own cloud storage service making use of its existing servers and hard drives or external servers. It started as a standalone Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) file storage cloud but has included more services and comes in free and a business edition. So with the free version, you set it up yourself while the business version, Nextcloud Enterprise comes with basic support. It is great for anyone who wants control over their cloud.

Sync,com was one of the top cloud providers 2021 and still a top provider in 2022. As one of the top cloud providers 2021, it comes with plenty of features and those who have used it say it is an easy-to-use, modern platform with excellent sharing and file retrieving options. Signing up with Sync is a case of providing an email address and a secure password. offers lots of features, ease of use, and security and it also comes with a free plan that you can put to the test before you decide on it. Encryption is included.

Google Cloud Storage. This enterprise public cloud storage platform houses data sets and a company can buy the storage for both infrequently accessed data and primary data. Google Cloud Storage is a service within the Google Cloud Platform, providing unified object storage for archived or live data. These objects are grouped in buckets within the cloud. These can be then individually assigned to the storage classes. Talking about Google Cloud Storage, it offers as many as four storage classes – Nearline, Coldline, Regional and Multi-Regional and they all offer unlimited data.


pCloud. This cloud storage and syncing service supports all major platforms, and offers an extra secure option. With cloud storage comparison, like Box, pCloud provides free accounts with 10GB storage. You can sign up for pCloud by entering your email address and password. With the setup, there is more storage. For verifying your email address, you get 1GB, and uploading a file gets you more. If you want to save money, pCloud’s lifetime subscription is reasonably priced so you do not have monthly fees, just a lump sum up front.

Box. This is one of the best cloud storage for business services with unlimited cloud storage. They have paid plans – Starter, Personal Pro, Business, Plus, and Enterprise. Box offers a host of options for businesses wanting to store data in the cloud and comes with 3rd party integrations and security protection as well. Box is one of the more well-established cloud storage players and ranks among the best cloud storage for business providers having been around since 2005.

Amazon Web Services. They were one of the top cloud providers 2021 and are still one of the largest cloud storage providers and a global leader in 2022. They were the first organization to take advantage of cloud storage opportunities with their Amazon Web Service product. They are a popular choice for big and small companies and it is the biggest IaaS offering with a big list of third-party integrations. Amazon Web Services continues to maintain market leadership and they continue to make sure that everything works well. The many services they offer allow you to build the precise cloud service you need. They offer the primary services you expect such as content delivery, auditing, databases, and networking as well as many other services.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive. One of the largest cloud storage providers in the United States, Microsoft OneDrive has its 64-bit-sync for those users dealing with larger files. You can store any file and it is also the best cloud storage for photos, videos, and documents. You can access all of these from your computer or mobile device. OneDrive backs up your content so that if your device is damaged, files are always protected. There is also the Personal Vault feature that adds extra security with identity verification.

H2 – Largest cloud storage providers – Excellent Free Cloud Storage and Paid Plans

Talking about companies offering free cloud storage, we have mentioned some of the biggest and best cloud storage companies in the United States. You can be sure that the largest cloud storage providers offer excellent free cloud storage but there might be some limitations on capacity and security. With paid plans, you will find cloud storage being available for annual prices. 

Choosing the right cloud storage services is always important because your business’s success can depend on it. You will want to know what Google Cloud storage can offer your business as well as some of the other cloud storage providers. 

Cloud storage is one of the best storage options and can help you not have to battle with complex storage options such as USB. All of these largest cloud storage providers offer you several options for the way you can manage and store your data.

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