Daily Life Apps Which Can Be Used By Everyone

With so many Daily Life Apps available, it is always a tussle to download the right Daily Life Apps for you. There are multiple apps just for one particular thing. But let’s be mindful about what apps that we want on our phones because we might just download a lot of apps but end up using just a few of them. So, here’s a list of daily life apps that you can use for different things.

Daily Life Apps


Everybody should and must plan things in a more organized manner. Leading an organized life means eliminating a lot of unnecessary stress from your life and being hassle-free. Hence an app that will help you get your life in order. Enter Lio that stands for the same.

Lio is the one app that helps you store all the data in one place and in the cleanest and organized manner. Whether you are a business person, working in a corporation, homemakers, taxi drivers, students, photographers, a bride-to-be, or anybody else under the sky, Lio App will help you with all that you want.

Store all necessary information, documents, and photos in one place and refer to them as and when you are in need. Use it how you want and live stress-free.

Google Maps

Google maps is another important application that anyone must have on their phone. It helps you plan your trips in a more well-informed manner. There is no fear of getting lost as you can exactly see where you are and what is the way to your destination.

You can add multiple stops along the journey. Google maps will navigate you throughout your trip telling you which road to take or which one to avoid google maps zooming problem, where there is a lot of traffic and which way is faster. Google Maps makes life much easier and safer for all.


An application that has taken over like a storm, Whatsapp has changed the way the world is connected. From instant messaging with emoticons, gifs, voice notes to sending each other photos, and videos to stay updated on each other’s life. You can call someone with Whatsapp whether it is audio or video calls.

It is safe and secure and lets you have a private space with your loved ones. The app is not just for individuals for their personal use, but today many companies and businesses also depend on it. Small businesses profit from Whatsapp as it is easier and cheaper for them to stay connected with their clients or potential clients.


This is the world’s number one app for document scanning and sharing. Now, no going to a shop to get your documents scanned or buying a hefty scanner for your home. Just download this application and your work is done.

The app gives you a high-quality image of your documents. It helps with storing, scanning, syncing, and collaborating with various content. They have also started with various filters that you can select from.

This app has a huge fan following as it was featured in the top 50 applications in time magazine in 2013. On just Google Play it has plus 100,000,000+ million downloads and an almost similar number on apple.


Our phones are our lives. From private messages, photos, and videos. Not just thins all banking transactions, emails, social media, everything is managed with our phones these days hence it is of utmost importance that we take care of the security of our phones and this is where Authy comes in.

It has become a hacker to easily hack into a phone and retrieve all kinds of information about you. Authy is a great app that provides 2 step verification on your device. With a secure cloud backup, Authy will protect all your information. The app can also be used on multiple devices like your tabs, laptops and does not require any QR Code.


Smartphones have made all of us photographers and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have only made all of us more obsessed with photography and filters. VSCO Cam is one such Daily Life Apps that helps you edit your pictures or videos most efficiently.

It is easy to use and can be done by anyone. It offers various filters and templates both paid and unpaid. You can edit your videos and picture the way you want and then post them on your social media.

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