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Best 5 Free Plagiarism Checkers For Students

Plagiarism checkers are very handy tools for students. Plagiarism is one of the most common writing mistakes undergraduates and professionals make. Not long ago, Fernando Suarez, the Chancellor of King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, was accused of plagiarism. The result was his removal from the chairmanship of the National Education Commission. Like him, many undergraduates and professionals are guilty of copying the work of others without giving credit. Depending on the severity, it can result in failure, suspension, or expulsion. A plagiarism checker is used to detect similarities and identify copies. It compares a body of work to thousands of online pages to measure uniqueness. But not all checkers are free. Although a free version is not as efficient as the paid variant, they do the job nonetheless. Below are the top 5 free machines you can use to check plagiarism.

Top 5 Non-paid Plagiarism Checkers for Scholars

Plagiarism checkers are available in different forms and designs that you can utilize via a laptop, a phone, or a tablet. Besides checking for similarities, they enhance your use of grammar, writing style, and keyword usage. Unlike steeply-priced premium checkers, the free ones don’t cost anything. Below is a list of the best free online plagiarism machines for students and teachers.

1.PapersOwl Free Plagiarism Checker

This is a versatile tool for copywriters, undergraduates, and teachers. It allows you to run checks of up to 1000 words and receive instant and accurate results with percentages. You can upload content directly or check by URL. Like others, this free plagiarism checker for students is powered by advanced AI. It uses deep search technology to compare texts to billions of web pages and identify unique and plagiarized content. Users can also enjoy privacy, as the detector deletes the content from the database as soon as the check is complete.

PapersOwl plagiarism checker duplication tool has multi-language capabilities. It supports different languages, and there is an option to contact rewriters to improve the quality of your text. You can download and share your reports. Other features of the tool include highlighted results, comprehensive plagiarism score, and sentence and document view.

2. Grammarly

The Grammarly app is a household name among writers. This plagiarism checkers is very popular among students and writers as well. The free online assistant allows you to write clearly by reviewing spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It also checks delivery mistakes in English text, engagement, and clarity. The machine detects all these writing issues and duplications. It runs your content and compares it to 16 billion web pages and ProQuest’s academic databases. Unlike the premium, it does not highlight citations and resources you need to credit your source. Regardless, the application is robust, as it generates advanced feedback on writing mechanics.

Grammarly’s plagiarism machine generates instant reports and calculates the overall originality score. It is also private. As a result, your writing will not come up on a public search or any other database. It also supports uploading a document directly or as a file.

3. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is another original grammar and duplication checker app available to teachers and undergraduates. The 100% free app to check for plagiarism allows you to copy words directly in the box or upload a file. It supports different formats, including .doc, .txt., and .tex. The free machine allows you to scan up to 1,000 words per search, and like most tools, you can input a webpage URL to detect similarities.

The software has percentage gauges that reveal the extent of duplication in a text. The percentage gauge is displayed in a list format for easy detection, and the plagiarized sections are shown in red. It has a reporting option that allows you to access the report of a search for use as evidence for academic integrity. Plus, you can share it from inside the application. SmallSEOTools supports checks in Italian, French, and Portuguese. You can also query in Spanish and different other languages.

4. Duplichecker

Duplichecker allows you to compare up to 25,000 words on the premium version. On the other hand, the non-paid variant supports a 1000 words limit per search. It is available in 18 languages and supports various file formats, including web page URLs. Duplichecker uses AI technology to detect minor traces of plagiarism and pick exactly matched content. It can also identify paraphrasing by comparing the content with millions of sources.

Duplichecker does not save any uploaded materials. Instead, it trashes it after running the search. As a result, it is 100% safe, and you won’t risk data leakage. It displays the outcome in percentage and clarifies plagiarized resources in numbers. The machine highlights duplicate sentences in pink, and you can access the report within seconds. You can check thousands of pages quickly thanks to deep-scanning technology.

5. Quetex

Quetex is simple yet accurate and comprehensive. It checks for writing issues and duplication and helps you build citations. Unlike the other ones mentioned above, it only supports manual upload. The machine’s simple design lets you copy and paste contents from your file into the checker. It uses deep search technology to perform contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring. The checker also evaluates your content against billions of internet sources and provides a score over 100.

A color grade feedback system highlights matches and near-fuzzy matches with corresponding colors. This way, you can delete or alter the work easily. The tool also has a citation feature for generating citations in Chicago, APA, and MLA formats. You can then insert it into the text.

Plagiarism Checkers: Conclusion

Plagiarism affects everyone equally. However, the effect is more pronounced in undergraduates, writers, and professionals. It can damage your career or reputation and, in the worst case, lead to legal consequences. As a result, don’t submit a text without proofreading and running it through a plagiarism detection application. We recommend Grammarly’s plagiarism checker tool as it doubles as a grammar checker and feedback application.

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