If you’ve recently moved to Canada, the first thing you’ll do after looking for a place to stay is to start searching for jobs. Chinese immigrants in Calgary can head over to Calgary Recruitment (卡尔加里招聘) and get access to all the necessary resources to help expedite their job search.

There are also many different apps that you can download and start searching for vacancies. We have listed Canada’s top job search apps to make your search less time-consuming. Let’s get started!

Best Job Search Apps in Canada

There’s an app for everything nowadays, from health and fitness to ordering food, buying clothes, trading stocks, you name it!

Here, we will discuss some of the best platforms to search for jobs in Canada.

Career Builder

Job Searching Apps

The CareerBuilder online recruitment application uses AR technology to highlight jobs in your near surroundings. You may also utilize the app’s map feature to discover job posts in your region.

You can apply several filters to your searches, such as job title, income, and distance, to refine your search further and see the most appropriate possibilities. CareerBuilder also provides tools to help you train for your upcoming job.


The Glassdoor tool provides users with access to a significant number of job advertisements as well as employer recommendations from previous and current employees.

It also provides applicants with resources on interview procedures, career advice, and other topics.

Glassdoor enables you to store and apply for jobs directly from your smartphone and receive push notifications when firms publish new job posts that match your preferences. The software also comes with a “Know Your Worth” feature to help you track your premium market value over time.


Platforms to Search Jobs in

The LinkedIn app enables you to search for employment, part-time, remote, and other job opportunities in various professions and industries.

You can investigate targeted firms to see if they’re hiring and sign up for job alerts for positions that interest you.

When you find a job opening that interests you, you can apply via your LinkedIn profile or by submitting your résumé.


Indeed’s employment board includes thousands of openings in a variety of industries.

Indeed’s job search application automatically alerts you of any job vacancies that have been listed since your previous search. It also enables users to utilize GPS to look for work in surrounding cities.

Job Search


The Monster application seems identical to a dating app making it highly intuitive for the applicants. Users can swipe right to apply for a job or swipe left to decline, and they’ll receive a notification if an employer is interested in taking the process further.

Another aspect of the app is an “in-app career concierge,” who provides job search advice and may answer concerns about how to use the app.

On Monster’s website, users can access the Monster Job Hunting application to search for jobs across all Canadian territories and provinces.

There are many different apps to help applicants search for the job that best suits their skill set. If you’ve recently moved to Canada and are unsure where to start looking, give these apps a try. Happy job hunting!

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