A whopping 70% of online businesses fail due to bad usability. You can’t neglect the user experience.

There’s a lot more to UX web design than pages that look pretty. You have to consider the consumer’s needs, ways to boost engagement, and optimization.

These UX web design tips will help you transform your business website. Read on to discover insider tips and UX web design techniques proven to work.

It’s All About Functionality

Avoid Common Errors with Website Designs

Functionality is key in website development. Many people focus on the pretty elements of design, but you need a functional website first. You might have a beautiful website, but if users can’t navigate the pages, it’s useless.

This boils down to two main concerns: site navigation and design.

Navigation should be easy and straightforward. Users shouldn’t have to search for the “contact” button or struggle to checkout.

The design itself shouldn’t be too distracting. Avoid fonts that are hard to read, too many mosque website color theme, and pages packed with content and pop-ups.

Functionality means a clean website that’s easy to use.

Pages Need a Purpose

To avoid pages getting too cluttered, each page should have a purpose. For instance, the contact page should only include information that pertains to reaching you. This could be a contact form, a phone number, your hours, and information about quotes or services.

It should be clear and understandable at a glance. If you need to add any non-essential information, such as links to the blog or information about the company, it should go on the bottom of the page.

Understand the Needs of Your Target Audience

choosing a website builder

No UX web design guide would be complete without talking about your target audience.

Who is your target audience, and who are the users on your website? What do they need, and how can you help? What’s your value proposition, and how can you promote it?

This might seem like a simple question, but you need to carefully study your target audience. The right website design company knows the best techniques to use for your industry.

For example, DesignsTouch focuses on UX web design and knows how to create websites that improve conversions, improve your brand, and boost your revenue. Check them out to learn more.

Make Elements Distinct

When users land on your page, the most important information should be easy to spot. If you’re a blog, the different categories should be easy to read and find. If you want a user to take an action, such as sign up or request an appointment, this CTA button should be bold and stand out.

This might mean making the button a different color or using a different font. Color is an excellent way of directing a user’s line of sight where you want it.

Hire a UX Web Design Comapny

Hire a UX Web Design Comapny

There are many elements that go into UX web design, which is why it’s often better to hire a best web design agencies in the world. Web design professionals know how to analyze the needs of your target audience; they know how to create effective layouts and user-friendly navigation systems.

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