Top Free Phone Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

Taking care of dear people and getting information about a lost or accidentally forgotten smartphone somewhere has become easier thanks to the development of modern technologies, namely the emergence of such a service as a phone tracker in wide access. People always worry about their loved ones, especially children, sending them to study or extracurricular activities. Often, the help of technology may be needed for the location of elderly relatives.

To solve this problem, many kinds of phone trackers are developed every month to help covertly track and trace the location of family members, keeping them safe and protected from trouble.

Sometimes such an unpleasant situation as the loss of a smartphone or tablet also happens. The first thing to do is find your lost gadget as quickly as possible! Or there may be a need to find a person by phone number. Resolving both situations is quite difficult due to the fact that telephone companies strictly respect the privacy of their subscribers.

However, there are several ways, each of which, in a given situation, can help quickly and effectively determine the place of a person. And one of them is using a tracking app. Fortunately, a phone tracker comes for every taste and wallet, and many of them are completely free.

Tracker App

Features Provided by a Location Tracker App

Among all the methods you consider to track someone’s phone, using phone tracker apps can be called the most practical and labor-saving. Modern services for tracking devices can boast of user-friendly interfaces, some of them have a list of additional features, and some are completely free.

Most location trackers not only allow you to see where a device is now, but also provide access to control and monitor activity on it, including viewing messages on social networks, accessing the camera, and more. And if you are worried about your relatives and wonder how to track a phone without them knowing, there are also phone trackers that allow you to do this. Let’s delve into some location tracking programs and evaluate their capabilities:

NameBest forAvailable for iOSAvailable for Android
uMobixMonitoring activities on the target phoneYesYes
CocospyParental control over children’s devicesYesYes
HoverwatchTracking of smartphones and video calls in messengersNo (only Mac OS X and WindowsYes


Tracking employees’ and children’s devices


FlexiSpyTracking and managing the monitored deviceYesYes
MinSpyPhone and tablet tracking


XNSPYOffline phone trackingYesYes
Find My Phone WhistleFinding a phone when it is in silent or vibrate modeNoYes
Find My iPhoneLocating your iOS device and protecting your dataYesNo


Currently, SpyStealth is one of the foremost phone tracking software solutions out there. Along with the basic functions of the phone tracker, it provides access to SMS messages, chats in such messengers as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. and allows you to track the activity on social networks. SpyStealth also allows you to lock the device remotely. The downside to SpyStealth is the poorly written text on their English-language website. But the pros, of course, far outweigh this small drawback.


uMobix is one of the most affordable phone trackers. It is a convenient option not requiring registration and is suitable for both Android and iOS. It allows real-time monitoring and also provides access to a person’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. In addition, you can monitor Telegram, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, and much other social media on a target device.

It is designed to track the whereabouts of several people at once, create several such tracking groups, and get the current location of people. Thus, if you need to know the location of family, colleagues, and friends – uMobix will be more than convenient.


Cocospy allows you to control the target device independently of the software. It is suitable for monitoring Android, iPhone, and iPad and provides remote and completely covert tracking without the risk of detection. The downside of this phone tracker is that if the tracked device is off or has no mobile data, the Cocospy server will not be able to scan and send the latest information to you.


Hoverwatch allows you to not only track the target smartphone but also monitor any activities on Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. It also takes screenshots remotely on the monitored device and spies on performed actions in a stealth mode. The disadvantages of Hoverwatch are that it takes time to refresh the data on the dashboard.


FlexiSPY has a stack of advantages over other Phone Lookup trackers. In addition to basic functions, it can record calls as well as the noise around the monitored phone and take remote pictures. FlexiSPY provides access to messages on many social networks and messengers, but the disadvantage is that not all such platforms are available for tracking (for example, this list does not include Twitter, Facetime, and Instagram).


Minspy is another handy phone tracker. It is ideal for people who can’t call themselves very tech-savvy, offers the basic useful functions, and performs them without glitches. It is definitely one of the best phone tracking apps because the only drawback is the inconvenient Minspy website.


XNSPY is another noteworthy spyware program you as a user should be aware about. Although it does not have a trial version and does not allow you access to the camera, XNSPY’s wide range of features comes at an affordable price.

Find My Phone Whistle

This is a notable free app for finding your Android gadget. If you can’t spot your device, all you need to do is…whistle, and it will make a sound loud enough, even if you have enabled silent mode. Another illustrious feature is the ability to set the desired sound level that you want the device to notify you with. In addition, you can use Find My Device for Android to locate your phone as well.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is catering to all iOS device owners. With it, you can share your location with other people who also have Find My iPhone installed. A handy addition is the ability to use it with Family Sharing or iCloud. Find My iPhone also allows you to impose certain parental restrictions.

Find My iPhone


The reasons for tracking your phone can be completely different – from concerns about the safety of your children, keeping track of your personal devices, and preventing them from being lost to establishing who called you from an unknown number. Fortunately, modern phone trackers allow you to solve such issues – for example, any location tracker or phone number tracker will have a clear interface and a number of useful features to satisfy your needs.


What are the options for tracking another phone?

There are several ways, each of which can help determine a person’s location quickly and effectively. The first method is to use tracking services from a mobile phone operator. Mobile carriers do not provide complete information to other users about their customers, but when there are legitimate reasons for doing so, they allow tracking the location of a specific smartphone. Also, this service can replace the phone number tracker.

In this case, you must not forget about the condition that you must first bind the subscriber’s number to a particular service. You can use one of the offers of mobile operators. However, keep in mind that such services of mobile operators are only available if the gadget is active (not turned off), comes at a certain cost, and works only in the country.

An individual code, IMEI, is assigned in the production of mobile devices. Knowing this code and referring to the database of mobile operators, you can determine the location of the smartphone or its owner. The database is available to law enforcement officials, who should be contacted immediately in case of gadget theft. Learning the IMEI is quite simple; it is provided on the box or under the smartphone battery.

There is also another way – the use of special programs and services. This method is considered the most convenient because modern services for tracking devices have well-developed interfaces, some of them have a list of additional features, and some come completely free of charge. There are also phone trackers that allow you to find someone’s phone without their knowledge.

How can I track a phone owner using Google Maps being unnoticed?

If you intend to use Google Maps to track another person, they must give permission to share their location. Otherwise, Google Maps services will not allow you to act this way.

What phone tracker app for tracking the location of members of my family is the best?

We’ve already listed some of the most favored phone trackers above – each has its pros and cons, and most have a free trial, so you can choose the one that’s suitable for you. According to users, programs such as uMobix, Cocospy, and Hoverwatch are considered to be among the best.

Android and iPhone

How can I share the location between Android and iPhone?

To share the location between iPhone and Android, you can use special services available for both operating systems, or do it through messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, or using Google Maps.

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