Different Types of Firewall In Network Security

Before getting ahead to the types of firewall in network security, let’s first get into the background.

Firewall Network Security

A firewall network security is a device that analyzes the inbound and outbound network traffic

3 Types of Firewalls in Network Security?

1. Proxy Firewalls 2. Stateful Inspection Firewalls 3. Stateless Packet Filtering Firewalls


Basic Types of Firewall in E Commerce

Firewalls are also classified according to how they function, and each kind can be configured as either software or a physical device.

Packet Filtering Firewall

This is one of the most common types of firewall in network security. Inline packet filtering firewalls function


Benefits of a Packet Filtering Firewall

– A single device may filter network traffic across the whole network. – Scan traffic extremely quickly and efficiently. – Inexpensive.

Drawbacks of Packet Filtering Firewall:

– Because traffic filtering is only reliant on Internet addresses or indicates that the application, packet filtering lacks the larger context that other types of firewalls rely on.

Circuit Level Gateway

Circuit-level gateways watch TCP authentications and other internet protocol network authentication messages throughout


Benefits of a Circuit-Level Gateway

– Only requests are processed; all other traffic is refused. – Simple to create and manage. – Low cost with little impact on user experience