Are you a small business owner new to the whole website development process?

Website maintenance is like an oil change to your car. Much like an automobile, a website needs to go on routine updates and maintenance to be in peak condition. This allows you to keep traffic coming and reduce bounce rates.

Good websites have better chances of finding online success. If you’ve recently joined the e-commerce industry, here are some tips to keep your website up and running. Read on for a quick and easy guide on website maintenance.

Stay Updated

Stay Updated

One of the things you need to do when doing website maintenance is to keep it up to date. To secure your website and prevent crashing, make sure the plugins and servers are always updated.

Keep in mind to make a regular check for updates to all your plugins and core site frameworks. Most updates have security patches that can close any window for intrusion. For new website owners, having a web developer to work with is the safest bet.

As a rule of thumb, your site must undergo monthly maintenance. Review all updates, and test your entire website after. You can also check on website maintenance for WordPress in this article.

Make Backups

Make Backups

Having backups is a crucial part of website development and maintenance. Backups are the most affordable insurance policy you can avail for your websites.

Any simple mistake can cause serious problems to your data and website. Because of that, having your site files and database backed up is critical. This ensures that you don’t lose any progress even when digital disasters strike.

Check with your website developer for the best backup solutions for your website. It’s best that you have more than enough storage so that all your files get backed up. Keep in mind to have a backup solution that can handle the complexity of your website.

Keep Track Of Your Website’s Speed And Uptime

Keep Track Of Your Website's Speed And Uptime

Things can always go wrong, and websites are no exception. Many web companies don’t admit it, but websites go down despite regular updates and backups of site files and data. Because of that, it’s important that you always keep track of your website’s reliability.

Doing this will help you respond to sudden crashes faster.

Aside from your site files and data, you also have to check and renew all your legal disclaimers. When you set up your website, it’s essential that you’re aware of all the laws you need to follow. Your legal team should also work won your Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

As a site owner, you need to follow the rules of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). Renewing and updating all these legalities will help your website and business to perform well.

Your Quick Guide To Website Maintenance

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a big brand, owning a website can help you boost your business. Publishing a website is easy, but it’s much harder to maintain it. Here are some of our top website maintenance tips to secure your rank.

Want to know how to improve your website? Check out our other blog posts for more tips on enhancing design and performance.

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