A proxy is an intermediary server that stands between devices and web servers. Since a proxy is essentially still a server, a proxy IP is the specific IP address of such servers. Proxy servers are used all over the world, primarily for security and privacy, especially among large organizations.

To put it simply, proxy servers act as middlemen between a device and a web server. Each time a certain device requests a connection to a specific website, the device sends its IP address to the web server. The web server then sends the data back to the device so that it can view it. This means the web server now has the IP address of the device, which can then be used to track the device’s information.

Your IP address can stay hidden by concealing it with the proxy’s IP address when you send a web request. This allows you to stay relatively anonymous while surfing the internet.

Who Uses Proxies

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As stated earlier, many large companies and corporations use proxy servers to protect their business resources. Conducting online transactions via a proxy IP address significantly reduces the risk of sensitive information being compromised. Proxies can also be configured to halt access to certain non-work related sites during office hours, increasing productivity within the workforce.

Outside of corporations, many individuals use proxies simply for general online safety and security. Gamers for example use proxies to save bandwidth and improve the online performance of their favorite multiplayer games. Others simply use it to stay anonymous while surfing online.

Benefits Of Using Proxy IP Addresses

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The biggest benefit one can acquire from using proxies is relative anonymity when surfing online. Depending on the quality of the proxy server, users can take solace in the fact that their IP address is safely hidden from malicious hackers.

Proxy users can also access location-specific content. By designating an IP address associated with another location, users can access content that may otherwise be inaccessible.

Proxies can also help in optimizing bandwidth. A properly configured proxy can help cache files and certain websites, allowing for more efficient access. It can also compress incoming traffic, further optimizing the use of one’s bandwidth.

Keep in mind that these benefits among others entirely depend on the quality of the proxy server one has obtained.

5 Top Uses Of Proxy IPs

  1. Security and Privacy. Perhaps the biggest reason why many use proxies. Using a proxy server can act as a safety buffer between devices and the internet. This in itself ensures increased security and privacy when browsing the web.
  2. Increased Online Performance. Certain proxies allow the caching of data. This means that certain data will be stored within the server. When the user visits that website again, it will load faster since a portion of the data has already been saved or ‘cached’.
  3. Website Control. Proper configuration of proxies can restrict access to certain websites. Administrators can use it to restrict non-productive sites from their employees during work hours.
  4. Crash Prevention. Proxies can be configured to balance internet traffic, minimizing instances of network failure or crash.
  5. Activity Monitoring. While many use proxies for privacy reasons, proxies can also be used to monitor network activity within the server. These are useful for network administrators to ensure those in the network are using the internet responsibly.

Where To Buy Proxies

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1. InstantProxies

A provider for those who want to buy fast proxies but are on a budget is InstantProxies. InstantProxies has made its name by offering high-quality anonymous proxies for $1 per IP. Unlike others, InstantProxies only offer private proxies. Their proxies work great for social media sites and have reputable reviews for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter uses. Their dashboard is also easy to use. Considering its affordable price, fast speed, and beginner-friendly panel, it is a great option for personal and business use.

2. SquidProxies

If you’re searching for a proxy service provider that integrates smoothly for business use, SquidProxies fits the bill nicely. Since they offer private proxies for enterprises, you can ensure that it works well for personal use, too. They also guarantee that the proxies will work and if not, they offer a complete refund. SquidProxies is one of the largest private proxy providers and has been in the market since 2010. Their proxies are anonymous and compatible with tools. So if you’re using bots or automation software, this provider is highly recommended.

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs has made a name as a provider for large-scale businesses and corporations. One look at their catalog and it is easy to see why. Oxylabs provides a plethora of options that span a huge network of products. They boast a 100 million proxy pool spread across 195 countries and covering almost all proxy types. These seemingly are reflected in their prices, which are higher compared to their contemporaries. Their extensive list of features can also be very daunting but otherwise a good provider worth checking for your anonymity needs!

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