An expert advisor or a trading robot is a tool that automates the trading process. The bot can be created by anyone with some trading and software development process. Since a combination of these skills is rare, many people opt to buy a robot subscription or pay an upfront fee. In this article, we will look at a bot known as Bitcoin Motion, which is one of the most popular ones. We will assess how it works and whether it is a real one or a scam.

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Cryptocurrencies have become a popular asset in the financial market. The industry has over 17,000 coins that are currently valued at over $2 trillion. And millions of people from around the world have bought one of these coins in the past.

There are two main ways of making money in the cryptocurrency market. The most common one is known as hodling and is the process of buying a coin and holding it for a long time.

The other approach is known as trading, where a trader predicts whether the price of a coin will rise or fall in a short period of time. Trading is often more complicated than investing because of the difficulty of finding these opportunities. Also, many traders use leverage, which exposes them to more risks in the market.

What is Bitcoin Motion

Traders use multiple approaches. There are those who manually do their research and execute trades while others use robots to open and close trades. The idea behind this approach is simple. For example, a trader who uses an oscillator like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to analyze the market will create a robot that does the same thing.

Bitcoin Motion works in a similar way. The bot was created by a team of experienced trading and software developers whose goal was to help many people succeed in trading. According to its website, the bot is now used by thousands of people from around the world. The site also says that the bot has been incredibly successful in the past few years.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin Motion

There are several advantages of using Bitcoin Motion. First, experienced and active traders can use it to diversify their income stream. They can achieve this by having a separate account that us managed purely by the bot and another one that they manage manually. By so doing, the trader can achieve uncorrelated returns.

Second, unlike human beings, trading robots usually trade at all the time from Monday to Monday. They neither sleep nor rest, meaning that they usually open more trades than a human can. If it is accurate, the bot can therefore be more successful than a human.

Third, Bitcoin Motion is a free trading robot. Unlike many robot developers, they don’t make money using a monthly or annual subscription or a one-time fee. Instead, the bot makes money using a commission model. Here, the developers have partnered with exchanges that give them a small commission for all traders that they refer. This, therefore, creates a win-win situation for the three parties.

Other benefits are that Bitcoin Motion has a low minimum deposit of about $250 and its broker partners offer a free demo account that gives traders access to the market. Also, it accepts multiple cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, XRP, ADA, and LTC among others.


Cons of Bitcoin Motion

While Bitcoin Motion has several advantages, it also has a number of cons. For example, it is not provided in the United States because of the strict regulations of contracts for differences (CFD). It is also not offered in China because of the country’s cryptocurrencies ban.

Second, another Bitcoin Motion con is that most claims on the website cannot be verified. For example, the website says that it has significant positive returns. But in reality, all these claims cannot be verified. Therefore, potential customers should always question these claims.

Further, it is unclear who the developers of Bitcoin Motion are and where the company is headquartered since this information is not in the website. It is usually recommended that traders use products that have clarity on their owners. Additionally, there are no contact information or social media pages, meaning that you cannot contact the company. Finally, a closer look on the internet shows many websites that look similar, meaning that they could be operated by the same individuals.


Bitcoin Motion is one of the many companies

Bitcoin Motion is one of the many companies that offer robot services to customers from around the world. It has been around for a long time and has achieved significant success. However, as we have mentioned in the cons section, most of these claims cannot be independently verified, making them difficult to believe. Therefore, it is recommended that new customers should start in a small way by depositing the minimum amount and then watching how it performs.

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