Given that the global market size of injection molded plastics was estimated at $284.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $303.7 billion in 2022, there’s no wonder why injection molding consider to be in the easiest ways to produce mass number of parts, especially plastic components.

The process of injection molding and the whole technology have been perfect to meet the specific needs of the manufacturer as well as the consumer demands, and it has made it doable to create complex injection molded parts.

If you wonder why it’s the most common and cost-effective method manufacturers use, continue reading below for the top reasons.

Complex Injection Molded Parts Don’t Present an Issue

Injection Molded Parts

Injection molding is the best process to choose If you combine multiple aspects, consider adding them into a singular component. When you need complex injection molded part that have a couple of layers or want to get a part that is more compact, delicate and intricate in design, there are many options for you to explore. Even though the mold is needed to produce parts, it allows the process to be adaptable rather than restricting it.

For instance, using micro-molding techniques injection molding allows small parts like polymer optics to be created, If you want a hard surface on the inside with a softer surface on the outside, co-injection is usually your best option. With some experience and training, you can mold any kind of outer layer by using the correct process.

Controls Enhance The Quality Of Injection Molded Parts

Plastics are sensitive materials that can make the overall injection molding process difficult to finish it just like you want. There’s a lot of parameters that go into manufacturing a component that meets our quality standards. Factors such as temperature, pressure, or some kind of water exposure can make a harmful effect on a component.

Complex Injection Molded Parts

For example, using a temperature that is too high or too low can cause the injection molded part to extend or bent out of shape. For this reason, it’s crucial to select a reliable and experienced manufacturer when looking for good injection molding services and creating their parts. A professional manufacturer will be able to adjust and have full control on the parameters to fullfill their customers’ advantage. When you have a blueprint for what the final product should look like, manufacturers can offer different quality solutions to meet your exact needs with regard to shape and finish.

Many Parts Created in a Short Period

Injection molding is great as it allows many parts to be created with just one press. In addition, these injection molded parts can all be either unique or identical. The design and the molds created with the process of injection itself also point out that the period for the production is not so long when compared to other methods of manufacturing like blow molding or 3D printing.

The number of parts you can produce in really short period is the main reason injection molding is so popular. It’s also the most common way to mass manufacture products. Compared to similar processes, it also doesn’t demand a lot of maintenance, meaning that this process can produce plenty of components cost-effectively and swiftly.

Versatile Designs and Robust Parts

The top benefits of using parts created with injection molding is being able to use different materials in a single piece. If a manufacturer or a certain customer wants to use different type of colors on the same part or wants to combine two plastics with characteristics that are not similar, this process of injection molding enables the flexibility and allows the materials to adapt with the design that is considered.

injection molding

The material selection, close control of machine parameters as well as mold design means that the created parts will be sturdy and of top quality, offering great value to the customers. Customers can have peace of mind and know that they’ll get a high-quality component created by injection molding if they make sure to pick a manufacturer that has a wide portfolio of projects that leads to a huge knowledge in the process.

Final Thoughts

Injection molding is usually described as manufacturing process that is cost-effective, especially when large quantities of parts need to be ordered. With this type of method, complex injection molded parts do not present an issue, the tight controls conducted lead to the creation of high-quality parts, many parts get to be created in a short period, full automation means low costs, and flexible designs and stronger parts are guaranteed.

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