Creating an app is a complex process that requires deep expertise and development team professionalism and experience. However, no matter what a cool product you have created, how unique your idea is, all this will not function properly without high-quality timely technical support. And in fact, the moment you launch your app is where all the hard work begins.

Competent post-release services of the app requires a campaign specially designed for it. It is necessary not only to meet trends and promptly correct possible errors, but also to keep the app in the lead in search and sales, despite changing algorithms. In this article, we will tell you how to manage the application after it is published in the online store, what post-release services are required and how much does it cost to have an app.

App post-release services

Developing and publishing an app in mobile stores is only half the battle. The app is constantly in need of refinement, updates, and maintenance. App support costs can be included in the total development cost, but it is impossible to predict all situations. Depending on the type of work required, it is necessary to calculate the budget for post-release services. The cost to have an app depends on either it’s adding new features or it’s updating existing functionality.

What are the Requirements to Become a Senior Software Engineer

Scaling an application in the market is, of course, always more costly. Increasing marketing reach and technical product improvement requires the expertise of the development team: project manager, backend developer, front-end developer, UX/UI designer, tester. This is not just regular technical support for the app, but a new level for your product.

There are several main maintenance services included in the cost to have an app:

  • updating the main components of the mobile app;
  • checking the functionality and capabilities;
  • introduction of new functions and sections;
  • fixing the found bugs;
  • technical support reports;
  • app operating system updates.

The cost to have an app depends on the type and complexity of the support you require. However, one must understand that the cost to create an app and the cost to have an app is a significant financial investment.

You can either keep a staff of employees for technical support and maintenance of the app (from a tester to a project manager), or use outsourcing services. It all depends on your budget, the complexity of the product and the need for updates.

Importance of App Maintenance and Updates

The first and obvious reason why you need to maintain an app is so that it does not look abandoned and outdated. When new features lose their relevance they require updates.

Updates and constant technical support increase user loyalty. When a developer takes care of their product, it builds trust. The app store rating depends on how seriously the developers take support.

The question often arises as to how often an application should be updated. It all depends on the type of the needed changes. If there is a nasty bug, the sooner you fix it, the better. Feature updates should be done as they become obsolete, and new features should be added as new interesting ideas emerge.

post-release support

However, it is important to be able to strike a balance. Frequent updates may raise suspicions: what if the application is unfinished? What if it has a lot of bugs? You can make an update plan for a month so that the app does not stand idle and does not frighten users with new features every day.

If the budget allows, it is useful to have a technical specialist on staff who can regularly analyze the application for bugs and errors and introduce updates. It is better to fix bugs as soon as they appear.

App Technical Support Cost

The price of support and management of the application largely depends on the region, the experience of the team and the type of support. The cost of application support and maintenance is approximately 15-20% of the total development cost. In the US, an hour of app support costs approximately $160. We must say that this is where the most expensive mobile development market is located.

In addition to external factors, the cost to have an app also depends on certain internal aspects. For example, if you have a complex application with many screens and a wide target audience that constantly uses your product, then in this case, constant monitoring of the application by the technical department is required.

Post-release app support is a must-have for startups that want to stay relevant and grow their audience. The cost to have an app includes the following aspects:

  • testing;
  • code refactoring;
  • security checks;
  • updating;
  • library updates;
  • bug fixing.

So that the cost to have an app does not frighten, it is necessary to make a high-quality product base at the development stage, thereby reducing the likelihood of bugs in the future. It is necessary to conduct thorough testing of the product at all stages of its development in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the app.

weaknesses of the app

The cost of app post-release support is also affected by the number of hours the team needs to provide services and the size of the team. The more people needed to maintain the product, the higher the cost to have an app.


Thus, the cost to have an app varies from many external and internal factors: the country, the complexity of the app, the initial quality of the product, the functionality.

Post-release services are a must for your app to be successfully used by users. The target audience should feel that the development team does her best to present the high-quality product and provides customer support if something goes wrong.

Technical support is needed in different cases: bug fixing, scheduled updates of obsolete functions, adding new features. This depends on the complexity and cost of the work. To keep your application up to date, you need to constantly monitor the application to identify its weaknesses.

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