The user experience is at the core of application development, which is why there are numerous frameworks available right now. Companies are also concerned about development costs and product deployment, making choosing the right framework difficult.

Considering factors such as ease of adoption, product quality, speed of development, technical documentation, and community size, ReactJS is the best choice. It is free, open-source, and maintained by Meta, which are all good points for a web development framework. This is why global companies are constantly looking to hire React developers.

Why Companies Prefer ReactJS

Companies Prefer

Here are a few reasons why ReactJS is the preferred framework:

Best For Go-To-Market strategies

ReactJS assists in designing a robust, hassle-free, and elegant UI experience with swift development. It also contains numerous components that help developers in developing a smooth application in a shorter time.

Rich Documentation

The large community of ReactJS is complemented by the rich and detailed official documentation available for all developers. The documents provide much-needed guidance to the developers in improving their program’s scalability and adaptability.

Developer Tool

ReactJS tools are efficient for designing, developing, and debugging web applications. There are Firefox and Chrome extensions available by Meta, establishing the platform’s stronghold in the development arena.

Reasons To Hire ReactJS Developers

Reasons To Hire

You know why ReactJS is the right choice for you. However, consider these few more reasons for hiring a React developer, whether you are a startup or an established MNC:

1. Better Productivity

React developers are popular for their productivity. Hence, they can get your job done faster and with fewer mistakes.

2. Better User Experience

React developers are adept at creating an elevated user experience for your application or website. They can create responsive and interactive user interfaces that will enhance the appeal of your site.

3. More Flexibility

By using ReactJS, developers can edit the features and UI of their applications without changing too many lines of code. This feature saves a lot of time and energy while updating sections of the application, or adding new features.

4. Scalability

ReactJS allows efficient and modular development, making the application scalable. Hence, many companies choose ReactJS while developing a large-scale website or application development project.

5. Superior Performance

Superior Performance

React developers can enhance the performance of the application by optimizing codes. As a result, the application will run smoothly and load quickly. ReactJS uses a virtual DOM, which allows it only to update the sections of the page that have changed; hence, it is faster and saves a lot of computing resources over time.

6. SEO-Friendly

ReactJS is one of the most SEO-friendly frameworks that allows page crawling. Hence, ReactJS can help businesses in driving up their visibility and sales more conveniently.

7. Cross-Platform Compatibility

ReactJS is compatible with numerous other platforms, so you can develop your app on other platforms without rewriting code. This is extremely important when you are targeting a wider audience for the application.

8. Large Community

ReactJS has a wide and active community filled with professionals. These professionals offer insights and help in solving many challenges, making it easier for other developers to acing their games.

9. High Popularity

ReactJS is growing in popularity, and you can easily find numerous React developers for your project. The supply of developers is complementing the increasing use of ReactJS for next-gen solutions.

10. Better Career Prospects

Anybody who wants to build a career as a developer can seriously consider ReactJS as their niche. The platform offers great support for all kinds of tasks and is a future-proof option, as many modern technologies are leveraging ReactJS.

Unlike other frameworks, a developer does not require expertise in numerous other concepts to understand ReactJS. Hence, anybody can pick it up and start building applications.

Best Practices While Hiring ReactJS Developers

Best Practices While Hiring

Build Your Company’s Profile

A well-built profile of a company attracts many views and establishes its reputation. An online profile is essential for a company to build an enviable stature and voice its opinions. It also allows the employees to share their wonderful work experiences and generate referrals to grow the company’s size.

Hire Developers Who Will Be A Good Cultural Fit

It is fairly easy to check if a candidate will be of good use in regard to their skills and abilities. However, the candidate must fit well with the team culture to ensure continued productivity and wellness. During the interview, ask the candidate about their work habits and cadence. Find out how good the candidate is at collaborating with other departments and how they handle work pressure.

Use Reliable Recruitment Tools

Leverage the wide reach of social media platforms to generate visibility about the job vacancy. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are heavily used to propagate news of job openings, so ask your networks on these platforms to spread the word and garner more applications.

Using an application tracking tool is also useful in tracking the status of numerous applications for multiple job posts. A lot of companies also use video conferencing tools to enhance the interview experience and fasten the hiring process.

Organize A Hackathon

By organizing a hackathon, you will be able to attract many talented programmers and pick the best of them for a job offer. The hackathon will help you judge a candidate’s skills and performance under pressure – all good points for a full-time employee.

Final Words

ReactJS is the most popular Javascript-based programming language. It has surpassed JQuery as the most popular web framework, and StackOverflow reports that the number of questions regarding ReactJS is continuously increasing.

As of now, there are more than 10 million ReactJS websites online, and this number is poised to grow multi-fold in the coming years. Furthermore, ReactJS topped the Most Wanted category in Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, proving that the framework continues to garner interest even among those who never used it.

These points accentuate the ten reasons stated above for the utility of a React developer. Suffice it to say, React development is important for businesses of all sizes to build valuable web applications that drive business growth.

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